dear diary

when clover is adopted by a hyperactive family she is not too sure how to take it, when she starts a diary to keep her sane, she doesn't need her family, she just wishes that everyone would leave her alone


3. beat up

savannahs POV


when we both calm down we go downstairs to see their dad looking at me furiously, he walks towards me, grabs my arm, and throws me across the room, i hit the wall hard, then alex runs over to me while cody and their mom try to hold the man back

"dad please stop, don't hurt her!" cody yells as alex picks me up and runs upstairs, cody follows close behind, they bring me into their room and lay me on the bed as they lock the door, i sit up and start to cry feeling the pain in my left arm, cody examines it and tells me that its broken, he hugs me tight, alex comes and sits on the other side of me

"im pretty sure dad cant get in now" he says putting his arm around me when cody gets up to get ice and a wrap for my arm, he pulls me close and i feel relaxed and safe with them

"but why would he do that" cody asks walking back in the room, there is a pause as he gently wraps it, but he wraps it a little tight and i flinch from the pain, so i bite my hand and cry into alexs shoulder, he hugs me and watches cody, he helps him with the ice, they spread it so it gets more than one spot, then cody brings in a sling for it, it gets annoying having that there, but i have to deal with it

"you wanna stay here until we get this all figured out" alex asks as i give up with the sling, i nod

"can one of you go get my duffle bag and my phone please" cody volunteers and walks out of the room, i lay in the middle of the big bed and fall asleep cuddled in a ball



Alex's POV


after clover fell asleep cody walked in with her purple duffle bag and phone, he put her things beside the bed and lied down on the bed next to her, i grabbed a blanket and a pillow and fell asleep in a corner


clovers POV


i wake up drenched in sweat, i get out of the bed as quietly as i can so i don't disturb cody, i grab my duffle bag and phone from beside the bed and quietly walk back to my room, when i look through my contacts someone had put cody and alexs numbers in it, i get my violin out, put the phone on record, and play my favorite sad violin song, it is four minutes long, but i don't ever notice because the music takes me away, and i start to play moments by one direction, i sing

"if we could only have this life for one more day

if we could only turn back time

you know ill be

your life your voice

your reason to be

my love my heart

is breathing for this

moment in time

ill find the words to say

before you leave me today" i start crying being reminded of seeing my parents for the last time, they were drowning right in front of me, im crying harder now than i did then, i can see them sink to the bottom of a tank they were put in, i remember being thrown out onto the street, being picked up by a man and taken to the orphanage, where the kids needed me as much as i needed them, someone knocks on the door, still holding the violin i open the door to see alex standing there

"is that you playing" he asks rubbing his eyes, i can see the room getting brighter, i nod and open the curtains, he flinches a little and walks in the room, the sun is starting to rise

"did i wake you up" i ask starting to put my violin away

"no you didnt, i was already up, keep playing, you sound beautiful" he says sitting on my bed

"ok" i start to play my sad violin song again, when i cry in the end alex walks over and hugs me tight, i hug him back, he sits me on the bed while he goes and gets something from his room, when he comes back he has a cello in his hands, he gets it out and plays secrets by one republic, i start playing the melody with him, we both smile at each other, when we finish playing cody walks in with a bass, we play dynamite, then viva la vida, then we make our own song, its like celtic music, then we make up a really fast Irish jig which was interesting to make, that one ended up being ten minutes long, we got yelled at by the neighbors, so i opened my window and we played louder and louder, when we finally stopped so many people were yelling at us to shut up

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