dear diary

when clover is adopted by a hyperactive family she is not too sure how to take it, when she starts a diary to keep her sane, she doesn't need her family, she just wishes that everyone would leave her alone


1. adopted:(

clove's POV   


"clove, clove!" i hear Annie yelling from in the hallway, "can i come in please!!" she sounds scared, i walk over and open the door to have her run in and jump on my bed

"what do you want, what happened" i ask closing the door

"there are people walking around and they want a girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, and is active in like sports stuff and is good with kids" she describes me perfectly, "and i got a pic of the family walking in, there was a little, little girl, a mom and dad, two boys about my height, and an older brother about sixteen or so

"why would they describe me, not someone else" i say in shock still looking at the picture of the family when the room phone rings, Ann says im being adopted when i pick up the phone, i hang up and get my stuff together, i walk downstairs and all the kids barricade me on the floor, ever since i came three years ago all the kids adored me, by the time i get up i almost fall forward when one of the boys Annie showed me catches me, he helps me back on my feet and looks me right in the eyes, he has deep blue eyes, the brown headed one comes over to me next

"how come the kids love you so much" he says still laughing from watching me get tackled to the ground

"honestly i have no idea, but when i first came here three years ago they have been so attached to me, and they don't want me to leave" i say looking back at the pile of kids still trying to unknot themselves from each other, i smile as i turn away for the last time, someone runs up behind me for a hug, i see its Annie when i pull the kid around front of me, i pull her into a big hug and kiss her on the cheek

"i love you" she says to me starting to cry


Cody's  POV


the little girl hugs clove like her life depends on it, i tap clove on the shoulder and Alex hits my shoulder like he doesn't want me to interfere, the little girl is crying her eyes out and all of the other kids come to her crying, she pulls away from the little girl

"now" she starts off crying with the other kids, James mom dad and Susie walk up behind us and watch clove as she talks to the kids, "i want all of you to behave to the adults that adopt you, and to the new chaperones that might come in, i will miss you guys more than you can imagine, and i want you to do me one last favor, don't cry over me forever, when i leave go back to what you were doing as if i were still up in my room, ok?" she finishes and i feel a tear roll down my cheek, she hugs everyone once more and turns to us, her face is red from crying, everyone is already back at the car by the time i walk out with clove, i feel bad, the kids look up to her, i see her clutching a diary in her right hand and a small bear in the other

"are you ok?" i ask as we get in the backseats of the car, were the only ones sitting back here so i lean over to her, "you wanna talk about it when we get home?" i whisper in her ear, she nods and wraps her arms around me, i hug her tightly, she is beautiful

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