Cyberbully (Niall Horan fanfic)

Allie was cyber bullied all through high school. She only has one friend. If one guy tries to fix her, will it work, or will her world go crashing down.


2. Why?

Collin's POV

I walked past the bathroom of Allie and I's house. "It won't open." I heard her mumble. "Allie? What are you doing??" I shouted. "Er, nothing." She said. I opened the door and she was crying and holding a pill bottle. I grabbed her wrist. "Why?" I ask. "They won't stop." She said looking down. "You can't do this." I say. She shakes her head. I pulled her into the bedroom. I opened my laptop. I got onto facebook and messaged the girl who has been bulling her. 'Do you know what your doing??? I just walked in on her trying to OD!'. She messaged back, 'Like I care.'. I slammed it shut and ran my fingers through my hair. Tears welled up in my eyes. I covered my face with my hands. I walked into Allie's room. "They can't do anything to you. They are to afriad to say any of this to your face. I want you to be strong and stay with me, ok?" I said. She nodded slowly. 

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