Zayn One-Shots

Bunch of Zayn mature One-Shots!
Exerpt: “Jesus Christ Zayn you weigh a ton get your ass off me!” I yell, ignoring what he just said.
“I take that as a yes.” The brown-eyed boy smirks, before tearing my shirt off my body. I’m overly pissed and my arms are suddenly free.
“Shit that was my favourite shirt! C’mon let go of me!” I whine, trying to push his weight off me unsuccessfully. “Zayn I have some homework to do you fucktard!” I holler, pounding my fists in his chest.
“That’s two more swears, so two more pieces of clothing go off...” Zayn skillfully removes my bra and school skirt, all while keeping me under his control. “Anymore swears?”
“Dumbass lemme go! I don’t wanna have sex with you I have a lot of homework to do Zayn!” I complain.
“I knew you’d wanna take the panties off...” He winks, hooking his fingers into the material and pulling them down my legs. As soon as it’s done, he gets off my completely to get his jeans off.


2. Hypothermia


 “Anne come back in here!” Zayn shouts from behind me as I step out the tour bus and onto the soggy grass, fuming.

 The bus has stopped in the middle of nowhere, due to a leak in the gas pipe. Having more than enough of all their countless rules and demands, I wanted to get away from them. Maybe Sophie could comply with these boys’ orders, but I couldn’t. I needed air.


“Fuck you!” I storm, walking out in the meadow. Damn it, I should’ve thought this through. My shoes were slowly filling up with water and my clothes were already drenched. I turn around to look briefly at Zayn. He was frowning at me from the tour bus, not daring to step outside in this horrid weather. Shaking my head, I keep walking away from him.

“It’s raining bucketfuls, you’ll get a cold!” He yells, persisting. “Maybe even hypothermia!”

“I don’t care! I’m tired of dealing with all of you!” I shout back, clutching my shirt tightly as I keep walking the opposite way. “And by the way, you should be happy, I’m soaking wet!” I add, scoffing as I rolled my eyes. “That’s just the way most of you like me anyways!”

“Anne you take another step and I’ll―”

“You won’t do anything Zayn because you’re scared of the rain!” I tease, loud enough for him to hear me but without turning back.

It was a mistake apparently because next thing I know, he’s gripping my arm and spinning me around so were face to face. His calm face was terrifying. I can’t help noticing how striking his skin is, specked with water.

“Hi?” I croak, watching the droplets trickle down his features. I rapidly feel my anger being replaced by fear. “Wow it really is shitty weather...” I point out nervously, looking behind him. “We should he head back―”

“We’re not done yet,” he shakes his head.

“Done?” I enquire. My eyes involuntarily linger on his lips. “Maybe we can finish it inside, whatever it is we have to finish?” I propose, voice shaky.

“Inside? I don’t think so. You we’re so keen on getting me out, I think we’ll stay awhile,” Zayn states, smirking as he crosses his arms in front of his chest.

I notice the outline of his muscles, the wet fabric clinging to him like a second skin. It’s unusually appealing.

“Why would you want to go in?” The dark boy pushes.

I rummage in my head for an acceptable answer.

 “You were right; I really wouldn’t want to have hypothermia.” I admit finally, hugging my arms to my chest. “So let’s―”

“First things first: sweetheart, I’m always right,” He whispers. “And second, I have a very effective treatment against hypothermia...”

“Yeah?” I frown worriedly.

“Body heat.”

My breath hitches, knowing exactly where he was going with that ‘treatment’.

“Zaynnn,” I warn, taking a step backwards. He automatically steps closer.

“Annnee,” He responds mockingly. “When are you going to stop fighting everybody? Your sister, your You disobeyed me yet again when you stepped off the bus.”

“Zayn please,” I whimper, clutching myself even tighter. I inhale shallowly when his cold fingers toss the wet strands of hair out of my face. Our breathing mingles due to our close proximity, tempting heat practically radiating off both our bodies.

“Please what?” he whispers, our lips almost touching. Good god he’s hot.

“Please this,” I murmur.

Giving up on resisting, I lean in eagerly and complete the kiss. My hands reach to grasp his wet hair while his own are suddenly on my body, pulling me to him. For a brief moment, nothing is important to me. I couldn’t care less about being soaked by the rain falling down on us. I couldn’t care less about the fact that I was kissing Zayn, of all people. I just wanted the moment to freeze and stay perfect forever.

Zayn is passionate in the kiss, his hands sliding up and down my abdomen under my drenched shirt.

“Christ Anne I’m not able to figure you out...” He grunts, his amber eyes meeting mine in confusion..

“Then don’t,” I silence him before joining our lips again. I didn’t want to talk. The need to get even closer invades me as I feel the cold air freezing my skin. I jump in surprise as thunder strikes, breaking the kiss.

“Come on,” He says, nudging me back towards the bus. “We can continue over there. It’s getting dangerous to be outside.”

“But the others―”

“Ignore them,” Zayn shrugs, taking my hand. We run to the bus. Zayn’s dripping shirt is already off when we finally get inside. He pulls me up the couple of stairs hastily.

“Zayn did you―?”

Louis stops short in his question, seeing us run past the small living room, past the kitchen and the bunks and into the bedroom. He shuts the door behind him as I hurry to remove my own sopping wet shirt.

“Should we―?”

“Nah let them be. For once, she didn’t seem to be protesting,” I hear Harry’s voice cut Niall’s off before my interest returns to Zayn.

“You’re shivering,” he states, pulling down my jeans.

“I told you I was cold,”

“Then the sooner we get you out of your clothes, the better you’ll be,” He responds cheekily, proceeding to get rid of my socks and underwear. I shut my eyes tightly as I feel his wet hands all over my body, removing the articles of clothing.

I open them, only to forget how to breathe. Zayn’s face was mere inches from mine. I could feel his naked body hovering over mine.

“Why did you shut your eyes?” he repeats.

“I-I-I don’t like to look... ” I stammer. “I find it gross.”

“What part?”

“All of it. But look its not important... Just get on with it please,” I ask, grabbing his shoulders to drag him in for another one of his entrancing kisses. He stops me.

“What do you find gross?” Zayn enquires once more.

“The human body. God Zayn you’re ruining the mood,” I grumble, feeling the previous thrill and anticipation leaving me.

“On the contrary, I think I’m creating it,” he whispers, nuzzling in my neck. I shut my eyes again as he softly kisses the inside of my neck.

“Don’t start teasing me,” I warn as his hands wander aimlessly across the surface of my body.

“Fine. I’ll cut right to the chase... We’re both wet anyways,” he winks before his tip is pressed against my entrance. I groan as he fills me up, my eyes rolling to the back of my head at the pleasurable feeling. I bite my lip, his hot member feeling heavenly when compared to my freezing body. I love the fact that he stays unmoving, giving me the time to adjust to his size.

“Moan for me,” He grunts after about a minute. I shake my head.

“You’re pushing it Zayn. I’m not completely at ease with this yet,” I state.

“You’re not listening to me Anne...Again,” He shakes his head, before flipping us around so I’m sitting on his shaft.

I whimper and shut my eyes, the sensation being slightly different.

“Open your eyes.”


“Why not?!”

“I don’t want to see where we’re connected,” I protest. “It’s just uncanny!”

“No it’s not.” His hands grasp mine, placing them on his heated chest, before moving to rest on my hips. I shudder.

“Can you just move? Please?” I ask, feeling the arousal pool in the pit of my stomach.

“Not until you look at me. I just want to make it better for you...Sex with closed eyes is less exhilarating. When you look at the other, it makes it ten times more intense. I swear you won’t regret it after.”

Fueled by my desire to get the necessary friction inside me, I take a peek at Zayn beneath me. But he’s not looking back at me. He’s looking lower down. He’s looking at the place where we’re joined so intimately.  As soon as my gaze drops there too, Zayn’s hands lift my hips up, before dropping me back down on his cock.

I moan loudly, the view being way too erotic for my innocent mind.

“Keep looking and I’ll keep going,” Zayn breathes shallowly. My eyes lift to lock with his. He lifts me up and drops me down again. The sound that pours out of my mouth is so impulsive it’s startling.

“Godd Zaynnnn,” I moan, my hands clenching into fists on his chest from the bursts of pleasure I was experiencing. I look downwards again, whimpering.  The sight of him penetrating me like that makes me feel really filthy. And it feels terribly good.

He repeats the action again and again, the pit of arousal building rapidly inside me.

“Zayn,” I whinge.

“Ride me,” he exhales after a few more thrusts, his hands sliding to my thighs to help me stay upright. Pushing all my pride and good-sense away, I lift myself up and fall back down on him. “Rotate your hips,” Zayn groans, his eyes not once leaving mine. I do as asked and find myself rewarded with a new satisfying sensation. “Oh my God Anne...”

He lifts his hips up to meet my thrusts a couple times before he’s switching us again so I’m flat on my back. Our bodies feel overheated, beads of sweat forming identically on Zayn’s forehead and mine. His hands latch a little higher than my waist, and then he’s shoving himself into me repetitively.

“Zaynnn,” I say shakily, my fingers digging into the flesh of his shoulders as pleasure blinds me.

“Annnne God Dammit,” At the very last moment, Zayn pulls out of me, emptying himself all over my stomach. I shut my eyes.

“Why?” I frown, looking between him and the warm substance.

“Forgot about the condom... And you’re not on the pill,” He pants, before falling down on the bed next to me.

That’s the gross stuff,” I declare after a few minutes, eyeing the drying mess all over my torso.

He chuckles.

“True. At least now you’re not cold anymore.” he smirks.

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