Splash into Something New

A long, boring vacation to the beach at the end of summer turns into something totally different, with 19 year old Cleo and her slightly older friend, Clara, all wrapped up in it!!


9. Great Friends

"Cleo wait!!" Harry yelled. I ignored it and in what seems like seconds, I was home. I stumbled out of the car and Louis raced over with the others. "What happened? Who is it? What were they doing? WHY ARE YOU CRYING?" Clara knew me so well, she took one look at me and grabbed me before I collapsed, and dragged me inside with Liam's help. Louis had run inside to get ice cream, whip cream, candy, and chocolate syrup. We were in the middle of a movie and chowing down on a whole bunch of ice cream when we heard someone bang on the door.
"NO ONES HOME!!!" Louis yelled, he had his arm around me trying to help me relax. Clara and Niall were snuggling on one side of the couch while Louis and I were on the other. "Hey Clar, you wanna make me a sandwich??" I teased. BANG BANG BANG, "CLEO OPEN THE DOOR!!" 'I know that voice...'I thought. I hid behind the door while opening it. "Where is he?! I told you so! I told you so! I. Told. You. So!!!!!" My sister yelled. "Okay okay okay haha nice to see you too," I laughed, my hands up in surrender. "You should've listened to me," she chastised. "Ey, easy, she's not the most stable person in the world right now! A little while ago she was yelling, then crying, and now she's laughing like a maniac, what next, wanting to murder somebody? By the way, Louis and I were planning to stay with you guys and help out if you needed...if that's okay?" Niall offered. "SURE!!" Clara shrieked happily, practically jumping into Niall's arms. Louis, my sister, and I turned around to give them a little privacy while they smooched. Louis started mocking them and making sound effects, it was so funny that my sister and I collapsed with laughter.

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