Splash into Something New

A long, boring vacation to the beach at the end of summer turns into something totally different, with 19 year old Cleo and her slightly older friend, Clara, all wrapped up in it!!


12. Girl Talk

"So....how'd it go?" Clara chirped. "I hope he was nice to you." Louis growled, as he wrapped his arm around me protectively. "It was fine you guys, I don't know where he disappeared to though." I replied, slowly moving away from Louis' arm, confused. "Guess whaaaaaat!" Clara sang. "Oh geez, what?" I asked, bracing myself. "WE ARE GOING TO PARIS!!!!!" "WHAT?!!! YAY!!! WHEN??!! Wait...are they going too?" I gesture excitedly to Niall and Louis. "Yep, we have a show there next year." Niall answered, wrapping an arm around Clara. "Sweet! Okay well let's let me freak out in the car okay? It's burning out here and I want some ice cream!! Maybe we could go to the beach for the afternoon then the café?" I planned as we all climbed into the car.
I flopped onto Clara's bed when we got home, some sand getting on to it, we had stayed at the café a while, talking about the most random things, and had decided to go home at about 9 p.m. I wanted to talk to her about Paris and what we could do there. "So are we going to go on a little shopping spree before we go or when we are there??" "They probably have more stylish clothes in Paris.." Clara drifted off as she sat down next to me. "Gotta look good for the Paris guys!" I teased and we both burst out laughing. "Then again, who would need a Paris guy when we have our British/Irish ones?" Clara asked, we both giggled and I almost fell off the bed as I shifted. "So...what's with you and Louis? He seems pretty protective of you and I've seen a bit of staring while you're not looking. Giiiirl, is there something I'm missing?" Clara eyes me suspiciously. "I dunno, he hasn't said anything, he will just put his arm around me sometimes, I guess he's still worried that I'm emotionally unstable!" I joke and Clara giggles, "I guess we'll see what happens, but anyways, we need to surprise them with something, they have done way too much for us. Got any ideas??" I asked. "Not a one." Clara answered, glumly. She bolts upright, eyes huge, "Cleo...what are you doing for your birthday?! You can't turn 20 without celebrating!!! It's in a week too! We have to get to planning!" "I was thinking of something small, I mean, I don't want anything huge so maybe just us, my sister, the boys, and my parents?? We can figure it out later, I'm exhausted! Can I sleep in your room tonight, I'm too lazy to walk to mine..." I asked, sleepily. Just then the window exploded!

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