Splash into Something New

A long, boring vacation to the beach at the end of summer turns into something totally different, with 19 year old Cleo and her slightly older friend, Clara, all wrapped up in it!!


7. A New Twist

A few days after I got out of the hospital, Clara and I were being lazy and had decided to watch TV. Switching right to Entertainment Tonight, it was a segment on One Direction, more specifically, Harry and how he was seen yesterday, making out with a blonde at the edge of a pool in the city next to where we were. Our jaws dropped simultaneously. "I have a feeling that's who he was with after I got run over..." I trailed off, shocked. "Uh huh...wait what are we sitting here for?! CALL HIM GIRL!" My phone was buzzing so much it fell off the table! I reached to grab it just as the doorbell rang. "I got it!" I yelled. I opened the door expecting to see my sister waiting to yell at Harry, instead it was Louis and Niall. "We brought some ice cream...got any carrots to go with it?" Louis wondered. I giggled,"C'mon in boys...Clara's on the couch waiting for the kiss of the day Niall, well she might not be in the mood for that, forget what I said." "So what were you guys doing?" Niall asked innocently. "Watching TV and found out where Harry was when I broke my arm." I said bluntly. Louis came over and gave me a hug,"You'll be fine, how about you call him?" I dialed Harry's number and got voice mail...great. I tried again and someone answered. "Hello?" answered the person I guessed was the blonde because it was NOT a guys voice. "I need to talk to Harry—NOW!" I nearly dropped the phone when he answered, he sounded so at ease and I was so enraged. "Hey babe," he said nonchalantly. "Hey, what are you up to?" I asked in a cheery voice to mask my feelings. "Oh, uhm just hanging out.." "Want to come over??" "Well, actually, I have to go get some stuff done, sorry! Oh and by the way, your TV needs fixing so you shouldn't watch it, the radio is having problems so you shouldn't turn that on either." Words drifted through the phone, sounded like the girl was getting impatient: 'Come on, forget that loser, come here, you know you want to...' I had had enough, I threw my phone on the couch, ran past a very startled Niall and Louis, who was eating ALL of my carrots. "Make sure you slap the girl before you leave!" Clara suggested as I ran out the door, slamming it behind me. When I arrived, I thought I heard quite a bit of moaning from inside. After I practically made a dent in the door from knocking a little too hard, Harry appeared, shirtless. 'I wonder what he was doing' I thought sarcastically. "W-w-what are you doing here?!?" He stuttered. "We're done Harry. Now where's that cute little blonde? Clara wanted me to pass on a message." I stormed into the house, when I spotted her I was completely outraged... "Marie?!"

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