Splash into Something New

A long, boring vacation to the beach at the end of summer turns into something totally different, with 19 year old Cleo and her slightly older friend, Clara, all wrapped up in it!!


1. Falling at the Beach

I was just standing there, on the shore, the sea swirled around my ankles. I glanced up to look at the birds flying overhead that always seemed to fascinate my mom but the sun got into my eyes so I looked at my shimmering reflection in the water. 'Brown hair, brown eyes, pale, long, yet again brown, hair...is there anything about you that isn't ordinary?' I asked myself. It was the first day of a very long vacation and the only thing I could think about was Matt, this guy I was absolutely crazy about! He was what I thought a perfect guy should be like: funny, cute, and sporty. But, of course, some totally conceited, pampered girl got him.
"Hey!!! Don't— are you kidding me?!! You push me one more time..." I whirled around just in time to catch him before he stumbled into the sea. "Ooph!" he grunted. He glanced up at me and froze, it's like time stopped just for us. All thoughts of Matt vanished instantly. "OY! Come on mate! Gonna leave her holding you up like that?," The other guy hollered, his black, gelled back hair shining in the sun, he had a streak of blonde in it which I thought was different, for a guy. "Sorry about that, I'm Harry, and that over there is Zayn," I looked over at Zayn, only to see him fall into the sand.
All of a sudden a huge wave came crashing down on us, when it retreated Harry and I scrambled on to dry sand. Zayn walked over to us, "Towels anyone? And what was your name? I wasn't close enough to hear..." "Uhm, it's Cleo," I reply shyly. "Well Cleo, your soaking wet, covered in sand, and it's mostly our fault, want to go for some coffee? We'll pay, Harry and I were on our way to the café anyways," he offered.
When we got there, people swarmed around the boys! Everyone was saying something about One Direction and music. I flopped down into a booth and waited for them to finish up. "Sooo...next time, you wanna mention that you're in a famous boy band?" I say sarcastically when they finally sauntered over. "Sorry, must have slipped our minds," Harry replied, "So, coffee or a smoothie?" "Mango smoothie please!" "Zayn?" "I'll take some coffee, thanks mate." Once Harry got back with our drinks, we talked for hours about their band, family, and vacations.
I quickly glanced at my phone, "SNAP!! Sorry boys, gotta go!!" "Can we have your number so we can text you later??" "Sure, here.." I scribbled it down on a piece of paper and ran out the café.

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