The Bite

It was only meant to be our summer break. We're we could get away from our horror past and be crazy wild teenagers. But everything fun, must come to and end. And our end is just the beginning.

Remember when you were little and the stories they told about vampires.
You just laughed it off. But what if you regretted that laugh.
They are here. But what if some aren't so bad.


2. The woods

But rules are meant to be broken. Especially when ya summer break. 

I thought to my self the consequences that would happen to me or even worse. Cassidy. She would freak out if she knew she was alone.BUT! I do plan on coming back so it's not like I will never come back and die. Well that could happen. But I'm not think about that now. The boy in the woods looks very far away. I drop my stuff (Toiletry gear) and start walking into the woods.
"This is getting  really boring"
I started to hum 'Want you back' by Cher Lloyd. I sat down on a rock wondering what happen to the boy I went to find. Then I saw a light. A really bright white light coming from the clearing. I stood up, dusted myself off and started walking towards it. Well if I get no where with this then I can just go back to camp. Cassidy probably doesn't even know I've gone. She is probably snogging up some college dude. When I finally reached where I thought was the bright light was that boy. He had curly brown hair and sparking emerald eyes. A sweater on that looked very fitting on him, even though it looked like something a grandpa would wear. Baggy jeans with basic brown shoes. His face was nicely curved and I had only noticed now that he had two dimples near his cheeks.
"Hello" he said with a smile that was as bright as 1000 stars.
"Hi. I'm Allie" I said. "I know." I was really confused on how he knew my name an who I was but I ignored it. "I'm here for Summer Break what about you?" I asked him."Na I move a lot with my well let's say brothers and we dot really stick with crowds." He said getting closer. "I'm sorry I didn't get your name." "Harold Edward Jesiame Styles, but I prefer Harry Edward Styles" Harry said. "I like it. Your name." I whispered. 
He smiled at the ground. There was a crackling sound behind me. Harry's head snapped up and immediately went cold. His face was already pale but this his eyes went a light blue."Alexandra- I mean Allie, get behind me." He whispered. As an instinct I ran quick behind Harry, scared As a deer.

"Well well well look what we have here. Harry and oh! Who is this new pray?" This figure said. He came out the dark. Pale skin, light brown hair (A•N- like Justin bieber) crystal blue eyes and dressed with plain teenage boy clothes. "This isn't your territory Blake. Back off now!" Harry yelled. His hand had found mine and his thumb was soothing me. Rubbing soft circles over my freezing cold hand. "Now Harry you wouldn't want me to call the wolves in would you." Blake said with an evil smirk. "And who are you? Beautiful obviously but changed? Nope human and.. Hmmm smells like a dream" Blake said coming closer to Harry and I.
Suddenly a handsome boy with deep blue eyes appeared out of no where next to Harry. "Blake. Get out. You wouldn't want us to call the Bogias(A•N- pronounced BOR-GAAS)
Now would you". Blake gave Harry and the other boy a nod and turned towards me. "So sad your gunna die. Such a pretty face." Then a big smoke explosion appeared and he was gone.
The boy turned towards Harry and I.
"She's not safe here. She isn't ready for this. She is only a mortal." He said to Harry. "Oh Allie, this is Louis one of myyyyy, um brothers." I nodded towards him and he smiled. "Look we have to take you to our house for your safety." Louis said starring at me. Waiting for the answer. Are these boys nuts?! They meet me in the woods. Want to bash up that creepy Blake dude and now want to take me home?!
Stupidly I did the worst thing possible. I said yes. "Yes." I said. Well i deffinatley didn't say that my mind did. 

And with a swish movement.
I was on Harry's back and he was running at top speed. We arrived at this country house with a view to die for. "Harry I thought you said you moved a lot." I questioned him. "We do this is just one of our houses." He said with a smirk. Note to self: they are rich! 
We walked into the house, the first thing I saw in there living room was 3 New boys and Louis huddled around in a circle. I slightly coughed into my shoulder and was met by Harry's eyes starring at me. My cheeks turned a light pink as a looked down at my feet. "Oh you must be Allie. Harry's thoughts were only on a girl who looked like you." Said a boy with slightly shaved hair and big brown eyes. Good figure and dressed similar to Louis. "Liam, by now! She doesn't even know what we are!" Harry said sternly. "Well I kinda figured out your not humans. And that Blake dude said something about Wolves? What ever that is about and Harry can run incredibly fast and Louis can flash in and out of places. So something tells me you vampires." I said really fast. They all just stared at me, "boys take a photo it will last longer" I said with a smile as I sat down onto their lounge next to a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. 

"Ok wow. I'm Harry a you know"he shot me a smirk.
I blushed again! I need to get that under control!
"That's Louis. Liam is that one, Zayn and Niall." Harry finished. 
"And were all vampires!" Louis said loudly and excitedly.
I was gob smacked.
All the tales Mr Rush used to tell the class in elementary school was true! He said that they 
Walk among us and want our blood,
They look the same, leave marks in mud.
They will return  one day to get their revenge,
Kill us all, but shall fall when their victory ends.
One girl with hair as soft as silk
Will have to choose her path,
To soon choose the right one will be the very last.
Then all will be happy and joyful with glee,
From enemies to friends, the world will have harmony.
----------end of flash back--------
"Allie that poem, that girl is you." Liam said. "Get out my head!" I yelled and crossed my arms. 
"Ok let's set things straight. We all have powers." 
Na duh dip shit! All vampires have powers

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