The Bite

It was only meant to be our summer break. We're we could get away from our horror past and be crazy wild teenagers. But everything fun, must come to and end. And our end is just the beginning.

Remember when you were little and the stories they told about vampires.
You just laughed it off. But what if you regretted that laugh.
They are here. But what if some aren't so bad.


5. The truth

I woke up in Harry's bedroom. I had never really taken the time to notice his deep blue walls and the neatness of his room.

No Harry in sight I walked out of the room and down stairs to we're the boys were all talking about something to do with a war.

"she is a threat to them is what I've heard. We have to call in Ed and Little Mix. They would be up for a fight right?" Niall said. "Guys we have been joined," Liam said. They all turned to were I stood behind the stair banister. "Allie, it's not nice to easdrop!" Louis said. Harry appeared at my side in a flash and hugged me from behind and his arms snaked around my waist. He nuzzled his head into my neck and kissed it slightly.

"morning babe," he mumbled. "Hey," I replied before walking over to their huge white tiled kitchen. I grabbed out a tub of Nutella and made my self a cup of tea. Yes, I have Nutella and Tea together.

"um, Allie what are you doing?" Zayn asked me. Wow he actually talks! He's been on his phone texting some girl. Perrie? Something like that.

"getting food and tea.why?" I replied. What else does it look like I'm doing? Hurdling sheep!?

"Whatever," was all I heard from him. I got my tub of Nutella and tea and sat next to Louis who was on Twitter. 

"What's your twitter love?" He asked. Gosh this will be imbarassing! 

"I arg, don't have one?" It came out more like a question and before I knew it,

Louis was creating a twitter account for me. 

"Name, Allie. Age, 18. Username, ummmmmm oh I know!! @Allie_Loves_Louis!" He said.

harry came in from his conversation with Liam and Niall.

"No!" He yelled. "Poop. It's already taken." Louis said with a huff. "Why doesn't it just be @Alliepetrez?" I questioned. Louis smiled and with in 5 more minuets, my account was made.

Louis and I took a selfie as my profile pic and in a split second I had 3000+ new followers.

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