The Bite

It was only meant to be our summer break. We're we could get away from our horror past and be crazy wild teenagers. But everything fun, must come to and end. And our end is just the beginning.

Remember when you were little and the stories they told about vampires.
You just laughed it off. But what if you regretted that laugh.
They are here. But what if some aren't so bad.


1. Proludge

"You are now now rocking with WILL.I.AM and BRITTANY BITCH!"
Cassidy sung. I laughed while my hair blew in the breeze. 
Hi. I'm Alexandra Petrez. But I prefer Allie. I'm 18, dirty blonde hair and am on summer break.
The girl singing like a crazy lune, that's my sister. Cassidy Petrez. 16 weird, gets everything and anything. But I love her.

Right anyways, summer break.
The time to relax, take risks and do the unknown. The time to fall in love. That's different. I never fall in love.... At all. My sister on the other hand, hooks up with the players of the school where ever and when ever. That's why I have to take care if her. Me, I have better things to do then hang round her! I love her like nuts but she has shoved her body into boys like crazy! She has been hiding from the cops for 2 years. She could get arrested any where the police were. 14 years of age, she was raped by my father. I wasn't their thankfully but unfortunately, as I could have stopped it. The torture. But she was to stupid to realise what he was doing. She didn't like it. I heard her scream from 10 streets away. I was walking home from netball practice. I ran and ran. Pulling out my phone and call 911(American number not American girls)

By the time I got home. My father had cuffs around his wrists and my sister. My poor innocent sister. She was In years of confusion and scared. 
I ran up to her and hugged her. She soaked the shoulder of my shirt and used it as a tissue, but i didn't care. I wanted her to just forget what had happened and hold me. I kept her close to my side and whispered to her ear,"Everything will be fine." She looked up at my face and nodded.

The next year she turned... Different. Then, one afternoon, She came home with a boy who was VERY attractive.He also looked, well older by 1 or 2 years.I was in the kitchen talking to my bestfriend Luci, on the phone. I have know idea what we were even talking about but it kept me occupied.

Before I knew it, Cassidy had the boy on the couch with only her bra on, straddling him. Moaning like crazy which coming from me, was GROSS!!!!! I moved myself from the kitchen to the deck out the back. Our house wasn't big or small. It was an averaged sized house for Cassidy, myself and mum. (My mother isn't the best one she could be, she hardly comes home so basically the house is cassidy's and myself.)

I was still on the phone to Luci, talking about this band she is obsessed about. One direction. Cassidy has told me about them but I never really took an interest. 
Anyways, Luci was blabbing on about how hot and hilarious they all are. And how she feels cross at the 'directionaters'( whatever they are) who are mean to them.

Cassidy's POV-
I felt really sexy today. It was a Friday afternoon and school had just finished. Thank god! This week had been a hell hole! 
I had a make-out sesh with almost all the football boys after school at their practice. Turned the school boy geek to sex god. And dressed like a stripper when I felt like it. 
I grabbed my backpack and was walking out the school gates when I heard my name being called. "Cass! Over here!" A boy yelled. Cass is my nickname BTW.
I walked over to him not knowing what he wanted but probably a good Fü(k. Well join the que as this babe is leaving the station.

I walked over to him and his group who looked about 1 grade older than me. But super hot. I had already done about half of the boys I saw in front of me but this one was a new boy.

"What do you want?" I asked curious on what he had in mind.
I did still feel really sexy still so I really didn't care what he wanted with me as long as I could do something with this beautiful body of his."what a nice way to greet a new person. I'm Nate, and I want you" he said. I smirked at the thought and snaked my hands around his torso. All the boys had a smirk plastered on there faces as I nibbled on Nates ear.
I heard a small moan and I immediately new he was an easy one.
He moved his hands from his pockets, to my neck, to my arms to my but. I moaned when Nate squeezed my bum and kissed my neck as I nibbled on his ear. My arms wrapped around his neck and my head resting on his neck. 
 We ripped our lips off each other to breath when Luke(He is one of Nates friends, Good boy when desperate but not regular)
Slapped my bum. That hurt!
But I could tell it turned ALL the boys on. I bent down as I 'pretended' to drop something and at least 5 hands slapped my ass. (Wearing super duper short skirt) 
I stood up and spun around. I saw all the boys faces now. But one stood out Nate. As I fell down onto the soft grass all eyes were on my upper part. Oh right I forgot! I have bigger breasts then all the other girls in my grade and even the grade up.
I looked at each of the boys with a sexy smile. "Well I'm yours. And I want to be played like a ball" and licked my lips.
Immediately Nate latched his lips to mine and we moved in sinc.
Like on que the rest of his 'gang'
"Let's take this to my house." I whispered in his ear. "Mmmmm"he moaned into our kiss.
I grabbed his hand and 
I walked him to my red Mercedes.
I jumped in the driver seat and him in the passenger. I was half way home when I felt a sucking sensation coming from my neck. Nates lips were softly biting and it turned me on.

We arrived home and I could tell Allie was home. Probably talking to Luci on the phone. 
I was right. I walked into the house with Nate still all over my body. I walked into the living room and with a quick movement flipped Nate under me into the couch. I swiftly took my shirt off with revealed my Black lace bra with little pink bows around the cups. His eyes went big with lust, and he pulled my hips onto his. I grinded my part against his crotch. And he moaned loud!
I heard the back door open which meant Allie went outside.

I stood up and sexishly stripped my skirt off. I stood their with my ass in my Black bonds bum pants and bra.
Nate stood up and positioned me so my back was on his chest. Which was now bear. I bent over so I was like a pyramid. My ass pushing against his member and I jiggled it. My breast hanging straight down and my hair was a mess. Nate slapped my ass 3 times before peeling off the bum pants and finding my black laced knickers that had sexy ass written on the bum. I turned my head and I swear I saw him drool. I licked two I my fingers and shoved them down near my bum. I stood up and went to Nate. "Wait here" I whispered Into his ear. He nodded and before I could take a 2nd step. He slapped my but again. Which made me jump. I walked to the supply closet and grabbed a chair.
I walked back over to Nate and put the chair down. "Sit and I will tease" I said. He obeyed. 

I stood a good 1 metre away from him before I started.
I grabbed two of his fingers and licked them I licked his toned abs and blew on where I had. He moaned. Before I could go any further. My stupid little mother walked into the house. "Get the hell out of my house! Your a waste of space! As well as ya sister! Get your things and go!" She yelled at me. I looked at her hands and she had a smashed bottle. I ran up stairs and packed the most important things.
Knickers, bras, clothes, iPhone, diary, anything I could fit in my little Pink suit case.
I ran to Allies room and did the same. I ran down stairs with the suit cases and remembered I was only in my bra and knickers. As quick as a fox I changed back into my school clothes and ran to get Allie.
That's when we left that house and never looked back. That was my worst nightmare. 

(Back to that start if the story)
So summer break. I am sooo looking forward to this years one.
I want to finally feel good in my bikini and I want to loose my V Card.(virginity)

It was the first night at the camp fire we were camping at. Everyone who was 16-19 was here. All for summer break.

Cassidy has already seen 50 gagillion guys she wants to hook up with but I couldn't blame her. They were hot! But not I-wanna-hook-up-with-you hot just hot.

It was getting late really fast so I decided to call it a night for myself.
I walked in my track suit pants and freshtop that had- 'I Donut care'
On the front of it.
I grabbed my toiletry bag on the go and skipped along to the bathroom.  I brushed my teeth, cleansed my face and tied my hair up in a messy bun. 
I was walking back to my tent when I saw a boy in the woods. I've been to told never to enter the woods alone, yet not at all, and until now I obeyed that rule. But rules are meant to be broken. Especially when it's summer break

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