The Bite

It was only meant to be our summer break. We're we could get away from our horror past and be crazy wild teenagers. But everything fun, must come to and end. And our end is just the beginning.

Remember when you were little and the stories they told about vampires.
You just laughed it off. But what if you regretted that laugh.
They are here. But what if some aren't so bad.


6. One day at a time

Authors Note:


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Rose here......

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After Louis teaching me the ropes of Twitter and me 'Tweeting' a few things like, 

@Alliepetrez- Hey guys:) hanging with Louis from 1D.


@Alliepetrez- Sooooooo bored!!!!!!!!!!!!


i got dozens of replys.. Some good... Some not so good.

I logged off my twitter and went back upstairs to go back to sleep in Harry's bed.

yes I was still tired after my so exhausting morning.

i walked into the room to see Harry shirtless in pants on his phone. "Oh hey babe! I was just thinking bout you," he said. I walked over to him and nuzzled into his warm toned chest. He got his phone and took multiple photos of us together. "Ca-can I kiss you? If your comfortable with it?" Harry asked. Catching me off guard. I nodded and before I could think another second. His lips crashed onto mine. It wasn't a passionate kiss. It was more soft and romantic.

the camera flashed and harry switched it from camera to video. I have know idea why.

we continued to kiss then suddenly with more heat,a weird feeling came from inside of me.

i felt as though I needed Harry. I needed him with me. I needed him in me. His hands snakes around my waist and he tugged at the rim of the shirt I wore. I pulled it off and I lay down on the bed with only my Bra and boxers on. He hovered over me and looked over me as if to inspect me.

His lips were placed on my belly button and his tongue glided over my stomach. I moaned, "Harry! Stop! I need you... NOW!" I said sexishly. "Allie I can't, your not ready," Harry said caressing my face. "I-I am," I said before his lips crashed back onto mine. I wrapped my long legs around his torso and my back was soon against a wall. Suddenly, "Harry! Ed's here!" Niall said entering the room. We stopped worried and I screamed. "ARRRRRRRRGH! Girl! Where are your clothes?!" Niall yelled covering his eyes and running out the room.



Harry put a shirt back on and helped me dress before we walked down stairs, hand joined in hand.

there was a different person here. He had ginger hair and a tall body frame.

they all turned to me and Harry. "So this is the famous, Allie Petrez!" He said before smiling. 

"Ed Sheeran at your service,"


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