Since we were kids


2. Seeing you again

Harry's POV 


I woke up and looked at the clock. 10:30. I freaked out and got ready. Then I headed to the tracks station and waited for the train. Then I saw it. She exited. Her hair was still brown. She saw me and smiled. I ran over and picked her up. I spun her around then set her down and pulled her in for a hug. "You have no idea how much I missed you." I whispered and tried to pull back. She didn't. I laughed and put my arms back around her. "Not as much as I missed you." She whispered back. "Can you give me a ride to my hotel?" She smiled at me. "No! But I can give you a ride back to my house where you will be staying for as long as you want." I smiled at her. "Ok." She smiled back. I grabbed her hand gently and dragged her to my car. There was paparazzi. They took pictures. On well. She'll never like me back. We got to my house and I opened the door for her. She walked in and dropped her bags. "Holy…It's huge. An elephant can fit in here!" She screamed. I laughed. "Maybe!" I grabbed her bags. "Follow me." I led her to the spare bedroom and set her bags by the dresser. "I'm sure your tired from you flight from Utah to England so ill let you rest." I smiled and hugged her. She didn't let go again. She must have really missed me. "Oh and I won't be here in the morning but you can watch me on the good morning show." I kissed her forehead and walked out with a tingle on my lips. I smiled at closed her door. I came back in a few hours later and she was fast asleep. I smiled and closed her door. Then I went to bed.

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