Since we were kids


3. Don't you know?!?!

Sams POV 


I woke up and got dressed. Then I went downstairs and Harry made me breakfast. I ate it then I read the note.


Sam, go down the hall and to the left. The first door on your right. There is a giant TV. Turn it on to watch me.




He didn't write love. Maybe he doesn't realize how I feel about him. Oh well. I walked into the TV room and turned it on. "So Harry, who's this girl? She your girlfriend?" I heard some lady say. He laughed. I frowned. "No. She's an old friend." He laughed more. My heart sank. Then I heard the door open. "Sam?" He called. He was alone. I wiped the tears away from my eyes and walked out. He looked at me worried. "What's wrong. Your eyes are puffy. Have you been crying?" He put his hand on my cheek. I wanted to scream. "Ugh…Your so stupid!" I screamed at him. "Why am I stupid?" He looked at me sad. I kissed him passionately then walked up to my room and locked the door.


Harry's POV 


She likes me back. Why didn't I notice? I had to tell her how I feel. I ran up to her room. "Sam? Open up please. I I need to tell you something." She opened it slightly. I opened it up all the way and kissed her passionately. She kissed me back and put her arms around my neck. My hands were rested on her waist. I kissed down her neck and gave her a hickey then went back up to her lips. We kissed for a while until I kicked the door closed and put her against it. It got intense. I picked her up and gently set her on the bed without breaking the kiss. She unbuttoned my shirt and threw it away from the bed. I tore off her shirt and kissed her neck. She undid my belt and took my jeans off of me. I unbuttoned her shorts and slid them off of her. Then I played with the hook on her bra until it came off. She took it off and I picked her up. I put her against the wall and continued to kiss her. I kissed down her neck and to her stomach. I kissed her soft skin then went back up to her lips. They met and our tongues explored eachothers mouths. I put her on the bed and took off her underwear. Then she tore mine off and we got under the covers. It got super intense. Then she cuddled up to me. "We'll put…" she said breathing hard. "I try…" I said trying to catch my breath. I looked down and she was asleep. I smiled and closed my eyes. Soon I was dreaming. It was a black dream.

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