Since we were kids



5. At the hospital

Harry's POV 


I ran through the doors. "Help! She needs help!" I cried. Three people came with a her gernie and took her away. She looked at me. I mouthed I'm sorry. She painfully looked away. I waited there all night. I couldn't sleep. Then around 7:00 in the morning a nurse came. "She's gonna be ok. You can take her home tonight." She said. A huge weight lifted off of me. "Can I see her?" I asked. She nodded and I followed her to Sam. She looked at me with pain in her eyes. "Can you give us a minute?" I looked at the nurse. She nodded and left. I closed the door. "Why would I ever hurt you Sam? I did it to keep Gracie out of our lives. Sam I love you…" I kneeled down by the bed. "Please know that… I love you more then I love my family, my life, my house, anything. I'd rather be poor and be with you then be rich and without you. Sam your my everything. Please forgive me!" I had tears running down my cheeks. She looked at me. She was deep in thought. She looked deeply into my eyes and I knew she forgave me. I smiled and she smiled back. She scooted over to one side of the bed and I sat by her. I looked at her staring at me lovingly. I smiled and kissed me softly. The tips of our lips stuck for a second or two then let go. The nurse came in with crutches and Louis. "Hey, someone need a ride?" He smiled. I nodded. "Thought so…" the nurse interrupted, "ok, she canto now. She cut the thing that was holding her leg up and it dropped. Her face went pail. I kissed her softly and it went back to normal. "It's ok…It's all ok…" I whispered. She nodded as the nurse unhooked everything. I picked Sam up marriage style and carried her out to see the 1D bus infront of the building. I laughed and helped Sam inside. Perrie and Eleanor were there. They grabbed the crutches and covered them in duct tape. I helped Sam over to a chair and sat down. I put her on my lap and kissed her passionately. I pulled back. "Much better then Gracie." My eyes got wide and so did Sams. We laughed. Everyone looked at us. "What?" Perrie asked. I looked at Sam and we looked at everyone, "Nothing…" we looked at eachother trying not to laugh. She shrugged and kissed me. We got back to my house and Gracie was just walking out. I got even more pissed off then before. I got up and gently set Sam on the chair. Then I ran over to Gracie. She kissed me but I pushed her away. "What's wrong baby? Do I need to spank you?" She pout and walked her fingers up my chest. I threw them away. "Ok whatever the fuck you think is happening, isn't. I love and will always love Sam. And only Sam. I will never love you. Now get off of my property you little piece of shit!" I screamed. Gracie cried and ran off. "That was fun." I whispered to myself. I ran back in and Perrie helped Sam over to me, then started with the crutches again. I propped Sam up and kissed her passionately. "Why was she in the house?" She looked at me. I shrugged and kissed her softly. Then made our foreheads touch. We looked deeply into eachothers eyes. "I love you Sam…" I whispered. She smiled and her ears got teary. "What's wrong. "Your standing on my foot." She said. I looked down and took my foot off of hers. I felt bad so I kissed her romantically. She kissed me back. "Awww!!!!" I heard. I pulled back and looked over to see the other girls smiling and frowning at the same time. I laughed and just kissed Sam again. Then a thought occurred. I've said that I love her twice and she didn't say it back. I pulled back. "What?" She looked at me worried. I picked her up marriage style and took her into my room. I closed the door. "Do you love me?" I asked setting her down on my bunk. She looked down. "Oh…I see…." "No Harry. I'm just nervous to tell you how I feel. You know I hate talking about my feelings. And you know I love you too." She grabbed my hand. My frown turned into a smile and I looked up at her. I used the hand the she wasn't holding to rest it on her waist. She put her free arm around my neck and our lips met but we didn't really kiss. I pulled back and softly kissed her neck then hugged her. She pushed me away and kissed me with a smile on her face. It was a long passionate kiss. It was slow, romantic, and steady. Our lips moved in rhythm perfectly. They fit together perfect. She was…Perfect. I love this girl. I wanna marry her. Then I noticed the kiss stopped. She was looking at me. "What happened?" I looked at her. "You tell me. You stopped the kiss." She looked and me. She put her hand on my thigh. "What's goin on?" She looked in my eyes. "Just lost in thought. Can we try that again?" I smiled. She nodded and we kissed again. I focused on how in rhythm we were and not about the marriage thing. It got a little to intense. I stopped her. "Not until your legs better." She pouted. "You l 

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