Deadly 3 (Larry Stylinson)

Book three in the Deadly series.


7. Chapter 6

*Louis' P.O.V.*


I look around frantically for a way out, praying silently in my head. I struggle with boxes and furniture, looking behind and under everything. I growl in frustration at not finding anything. The large clock chimes, causing me to jump out of my skin.


"Gah!," I exclaim, tripping and falling on Harry. He jolts awake, sitting up. I glance up at him, his face inches from mine. His eyes are glazed with fear.


"Lou!," he says. "It's been two days! It's happening!" I stroke his cheeks to calm him, and he stares into my eyes. His arms go around my waist and pull me into a straddling position.


"Stay calm, Hazza." He nods. His grip then tightens, pulling me hard against his chest. "Har-" I'm cut off by him slamming his lips to mine. My hands continue to caress his cheeks as he kisses me. His tongue glides over my bottom lip, and I gladly let him in. Our tongues collide, and I smile into the kiss. My hands slip to his curls, pulling slightly. He moans against my lips, and I pull back.


"Loubear," he whines, but I place my hands on his shoulders, pushing him to the ground. I place my lips over his again, my hands dancing around the hem of his shirt. His hands rest on my hips, the pads of his thumbs pressing into the exposed skin. I push his shirt up and pull away, pushing my lips to his rib cage. "What are yo- ahhhhh," he moans as I nip and suck at the pale skin.


"Done," I whisper, staring at the dark, purple mark on his abdomen. I then pull his shirt back down, getting to my feet. "Up." He stands, and I walk over to the clock. The one thing I haven't checked behind. I struggle to push it, but it won't budge. I pout my bottom lip, feeling around the entirety of the huge clock.


"Why don't you touch me that way?," Harry jokes as I blush. "Does the clock have something I don't?" I just laugh. My hand glides over a small latch, and a click resounds through the cellar. The clock swing forward to reveal a secret passage. I look at him smugly.


"Yeah," I say. "A way out." I then hear a key scraping the lock at the top of the stairs, and I frantically push Harry through the opening, hitting the latch to close the clock. It shuts, leaving us in complete darkness.


"Louis?," Harry whimpers.


"I'm right here, love," I whisper, grabbing a hold of his hand. I then lead him down the passage. I hope this is a way out.


*Tracy's P.O.V.*


I wake about two hours later, and Liam is still sleeping. I shake my head, getting up and pulling my coat and shoes on. Might as well check the camp for Skylar. I walk out the door, setting off on my search.


*Skylar's P.O.V.*


I walk along the chain-link fence that surrounds the camp, my eyes searching for any of my friends. A tear slips from my eye when I don't see anyone, and I hang my head.


"You shouldn't be crying, you know." I jump and whirl around, very relieved to see it's only Spencer. My hand flies to my heart, and I try to calm my breathing.


"You scared me!," I say, smacking his shoulder.


"I'm sorry," he says. "Who were you looking for?" I glance out again, this time seeing a small figure.


"I was looking for my friends," I tell him, squinting to make out the person in the distance. When I finally make them out, my eyes widen with joy. "TRACY!," I shout. "TRACY ADAMS!" She runs forward, nearly slamming into the fence.


"Skylar!" She smiles. "I can't believe I actually found you. I have to go find Niall."


"Is he okay?," I ask her, crossing my fingers.


"Not really. Tonight, go into the corner nearest the grate. Niall will come get you." I nod.


"Bye!" She runs off, and I jump up and down. "We're getting out, Spencer!" He gives me a confused look.




"Yes, we! You are coming with me," I tell him. He nods, laughing at how hyper I've become. We continue walking, talking and laughing. I really hope nothing goes wrong tonight.


*Jenna's P.O.V.*


"Jenna." I roll over, ignoring the voice. "Jenna, wake up," it pesters, so I open my eyes and see Nathan leaning over me. "I'm getting you out," he whispers, lifting me into his arms. I cling to him, burying my face into his warm chest. He hurries outside and into the cold and bitter weather. I shiver, and he begins running. Soon enough, I'm engulfed in warmth again, and he lays me on a couch.


"Where are we?," I ask him, looking at my surroundings.


"My house," he replies, covering me up. A knock resounds through the house, and he leans down, kissing my forehead. "I'll be right back, Angel." He strides away, and I hear him open the door. "Uncle Adolf!," he exclaims. "I wasn't expecting you!"



Uncle Adolf?!?! What is the meaning of this?!?! Oh well. Haz and Lou escaped! Does that mean no one is going to die? We'll have to wait and see..... I love you!!!!!


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