Deadly 3 (Larry Stylinson)

Book three in the Deadly series.


4. Chapter 3

*Louis' P.O.V.*


I wake in the middle of the night to hear teeth chattering. I glance over at Jenna, and, even in the dim light, I can tell that she is shivering.


"Jenna," I say, sitting up. She can't hear me over the click of her teeth. I can barely hear myself. I stand up, taking my blanket over to her. After draping it over her, I bang on the steel door. A German soldier opens the door and scowls.


"What," he spits, actually getting some on my shoe. I refrain from shuddering, pointing behind me to Jenna.


"She shivering badly. Can I have more blankets?" He looks in on her, and something in his eyes changes.


"Only because she looks like my girlfriend," he says. He shuts the door, returning in a few moments. I quickly stick my hand towards him.


"Louis Tomlinson." He shakes my hand, glancing around.


"Nathan Sykes." He then closes the door, and I hurry over to Jenna. I lay all ten blankets over her, but it does nothing to help her shivering. I look at her face, and realize she's no longer cold, but she's crying. I feel bad for her, so I slowly slip in front of her, hugging her into my chest. She feels like a sister, and who knows? Maybe she will be, one day.


"Jenna," I whisper. "What's wrong?"


"I- I miss him." I furrow my eyebrows, wondering which "him" it is. "I love him so much!"


"Who?" I sound like an owl.


"Nathan," she whispers, and I freeze. "Nathan Sykes."


*3rd person P.O.V.*


A curly haired boy sits huddled in a cellar, cuddling the puppy that his boyfriend bought him. He's looking at the old clock on the wall, counting away the minutes until he turns 17. The second the clock strikes midnight, tears leak out of his eyes. The cellar door flies open, and Rebecca Hitler leads her father down to the boy.


"This is the boy that Louis disappeared for?," Adolf Hitler asks, touching the boy's cheek. The teenager jerks away, holding Lilly, his puppy, close. Rebecca nods, standing to the side. "Very well. It will happen in two days. Mr. Tomlinson shall be brought out of the prison, only to see his 'love' extinguished. By gunfire."



Is Harry gonna die??????? :O

~IchallengeNiall (Skylar)

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