Deadly 3 (Larry Stylinson)

Book three in the Deadly series.


1. Chapter 1

*Louis' P.O.V.*


I am roughly shoved into a cell, the steel door slammed behind me. I lift myself off of the floor, coughing and shaking my head. I prop myself up against the wall, taking in my surroundings. There are two beds chained to the wall, a sink, and a couple shelves. There is also a shadowy figure on the bed farthest from the door. I squint, trying to make them out.


"Hello?," I ask, slowly standing up. I can see the figure's head whip around, their long hair flying.


"Hi," the figure says, and I can tell by their voice it's a girl. She uncurls, standing. She steps into the light, holding her hand out. She has curly brown hair and green eyes. She reminds me of Harry. Tears trickle down my face, and I hide in my hands as the sobs rack my body. The girl rushes over to me, bringing me into a hug. "What's wrong?"


"You," I choke through my tears, "look so much like my boyfriend, Harry." She rubs my back until the tears stop, and I'm able to talk. "Sorry for breaking down," I tell her, holding my hand out. "I'm Louis."


"Jenna," she says, shaking my hand. "Jenna Styles." I freeze, my eyes flashing up to her face. I then connect it all. The eyes, the hair, the low-ish voice.


"Styles?" She nods, smiling. I blink rapidly. "Did you have an older brother named Harry?" She jumps up.


"You're THE Louis? Like, dating Harry?" I nod. She hugs me, jumping up and down. "I wanted to meet you so much! But, not.... Like this............," she trails off.


"How did you know about me?," I ask.


"Harry sends me letters weekly," she explains. I nod. We sit on her bed and talk for the rest of the night. Maybe being here won't be so bad after all..............



Chapter 1 of Deadly 3!!!! Sorry if it's bad......


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