the demon and the angel

read to find out
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8. the truth

i get out of the shower the mist from the water hangs in the air i wipe the fog from the mirror looking at my tousled hair the ends now black with the dye of weeks ago the rest a golden blonde most would die for i sigh thinking this day started with the ass hole landlord waking me from the darkness of nightmares i walk into the hotel room and laugh out loud the asshole will have to reemburse me and the girl. i turn to see the layout of the room when the cool metal of an angelic sword at my throat. "i see you have awaken dear rosemary." she stands there looking terrified and confidant at the same time "you dare steal me away from my bed you un-godly demon." i quickly disarm her the blade burns in my hand but i dare not let go the burns are worth it the girl is as unlikely as it seems to cause my heart to warm the burn i feel when we touch is undesirable yet worth every moment. "why do you see upon killing me i got you out of that burning building you wold have been injured otherwise. you owe me little darling." i turn to my clothes burned to a crisp fuck "you need clothes demon?" i turn to see her take off her shirt under is a spaggeti strap white shirt she hands me the other shivering from the cold of the room "i have clothes in the bag on the table i brought some for you also i guessed your size im sorry if they are big on you." I look away as she walks slowly to the table and looks in the bag "thank you your ok for a demon." I stride up to her and grab a pair of pants from the bag "you better not get on my bad side darling or you'll see your worst nightmare." she smirks and looks away I turn and more or less run to put on my pants when I return she's sitting on the bed in a pair of skinny jeans and a aroepostal black tee with black converse "well." she says looking at my bare chest "you should put on a shirt if we are ever getting breakfast." i smile and throw on a white tee my black boots and also my emegency bag with everthing i or we would need "as much as i hate to admit darling someone has targeted you im a demon but i will protect an angel even if it means death i will protect you." she looks at me "why would you do that i-i- i don't understand." i motion fir her to come closer as she does i show her my scar letting the magic i use to concel my demonic attributes drop she gasps taking in my two small Smokey horns atop my head the fiery collar around my neck the scars are on my arms once deep gashes now thick scars "when I fell from above and into hell there were already demons useless little hellhounds I fell into a pit of them and they tried to eat me alive." she traces the scars with her fingers burning my skin from her touch. "we should go she suddenly says jumping back a bit I flinch "yes of course the car is downstairs im sure you'll love it its a 57 Chevy convertable red." she looks at me like she was supposed to know what I was saying. "why am i attrachted to you?" she blurts as we walk out the door "maybe your attrachted to bad boys." she looks at me shaking her head "maybe your not all bad." she says hopefully i run down the stairs to a hooker walking out of a room i drop my guise as she turns i take any remaning inocents she had left. when im fineshed i go to the car and rosemarys standing there shocked out of her mind i let my real look seep in for a minute then put the guise back up. "im not good." she looks up at me and suddenly leans up and kisses my cheek *burning sounds* "fuck dont you ever do that again if you do ill leave you for dead!"

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