the demon and the angel

read to find out
please give me feedback in the comment section at the bottom of the page need to know if the direction of the story is ok


10. the little angel

"how is he even possible?!" rose askes jumping up and taking out her angelic sword from thin air. my son releashes his wings and pulls out his own sword "miss rosemary i get that your a friend to my dad but if you don't put that up ill be forced to disarm you myself." she look's at him then puts the sword away he does the same. "is there anyone that came with you?" she gaspes as he says that "yes her name is honey well thats what she chose to be called she has a phone.. may i borrow yours ill tell her where to go." gabe gets the phone "no tell her what i look like ill go pick her up somewhere." rosemary nods takes the phone and walkes away to call the other girl "gabriel are you sure i could-" shelia turns to me "no hes going to get her and he's going to help there's a safehouse not to far from here your going to go there with rose and im going to stay here gabriel will meet you there when he gets the other angel."

gabriels p.o.v

i get in my corevett black exterior black leather on the inside i look in my emergency bag for the directions on where the honey is meeting me its some bar wait i look closer death head i turn the engine over it comes to a puring start i drive like a bat out of hell trying to get to the bar before her. i turn down an alley about an hour later there she is about to walk in i pull up get out car still running "honey! honey come here!" she looks back at me confused a biker with curled horns grabs her "hey baby want a good time angel?" i run up to them and pull out my sword the hilt is a angelic design the blade is  half blood soaked the other with spirels cascading down its metal "let her go!" he looks at me amused then i drop my disguse and let my true self show he looks at my head at the half halo broken apart yet still there under those small black horns the tips have flames dancing excited to finally be seen the tattoos i have one on my left arm one on my right and a dragon curled on eaither fore arm wraped around it the head resting on the tops of my hands "who are you little punk?" he lets her go i motion for her to get in the car "none of your busness

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