the demon and the angel

read to find out
please give me feedback in the comment section at the bottom of the page need to know if the direction of the story is ok


2. the light

i go home after my shift at the bakery and awaiting me is the dickhead of a landlord probably expecting his money well at least that's what i thought until i see a petite little brunette in a silk red dress and black stilletto heels her eyes are a deep blue-green with a hint of brown around the edges.

"ah here is the other tennant his name is dustin." i look at the girl again. ahh i understand shmoosing up the newby alright, with her here maybe he'll back off my ass i'll bite. "hello you are stunning in that dress miss?"

"rosemary no last name." i look into her eyes those deep pools of blue-green suddenly theres a flash of gold in her eyes, i act as if nothing happens but also i look away because now i know.....she's an angel. "well miss rosemary," thank you asshole landlord i think as she finaly turns to look at him. "if you would like to step in the appartment i'll be in momentarly." she glances back at me once more then walks in to the nicer appartment in this ranky ass place. my landlord looks at me, "wheres my money fuck up?" wow five seconds after she walked away and he's already a douche. "in the mailbox being sent to you through the mailing system." i reply with a small smile "you'll probably get it in two to three days." i look at him as i unlock my door his chubby face growing cherry red his beady eyes squinting at me. "you little sh-" i slam the door before he can finish his sentence.

later that night there i am prowling the streets wearing my favorite black t-shirt, black (if you know what fma or full metal alchimist those boots that ed wears) boots, black jeans covered in holes and in white marker symbols drawn all over them. i turn down an alley and wow i see the funniest thing i've ever seen i see a doctor who cosplayer running from my wait for it my ex-girlfriend who i could have sworn i banished to the underworld to sit and think about crossing me for a low ranking demonic butler compared to my status in the under *underworld* im one of the original demons ive been causing death and destruction since the begining of time the reason im still the picture of youth is because im a fallen angel i turned to lucifers side in the great war yes i still have my wings for those of you wondering but now depending on what light they are seen the are eaither blood red or deep black.

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