the demon and the angel

read to find out
please give me feedback in the comment section at the bottom of the page need to know if the direction of the story is ok


6. the girl

"lucy leave that poor being alone he is not worth the cover up." she turns her eyes once liquid saphire now liquid ruby and gives me an icy stare. "dust how are you i've been fine oh, wait no ive been stuck in a cage in the under because i had a fling with a lower demon well im sorry i just got bored with you." i look at her increduosly, "bored with me? how we would destroy everything in our path just because." she walkes down the ally forgetting her midnight snack. i follow her for about an hour by that time we come to a pub named death head  she walk's in and suddenly the whole pub goes silent as you should know there are demons walking among you so we must go somewere to talk privetly this is that place. when we get to the backroom i shut and bolt the door i turn to see her laid out upon the table, she gives me a sad look "im sorry that i went with that filth of a demon will you forgive me?" i walk up to the table and lean over her body i stare into her eyes and let my wings out, the room gets heavy with darknes for my wings are soaked in it. "dust i missed you so much i do love you." suddenly i realize that this is not the child i came to love this is the thing i created from darkness, "no, i will not im going to banish you back to the under may lucifer have mercy upon you." she stands to leave the room. "Kazhletarahedel, relanihe aump ro fhudos, kazhhe ve nathali. Ranazhokalnal, meonakal teno gari ve ro eril dour velar co kuntekaldel varanio kazhhedellas dour ro crelto luakdol vien. Likal vien Pueltar anno co fierma." i would rather not go into the details of what happened next lets just say after when i walked out of the room the bar was empty for fear i would do the same to them. wonderful a whole friday night ruined.

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