the demon and the angel

read to find out
please give me feedback in the comment section at the bottom of the page need to know if the direction of the story is ok


3. the flashback

"dustin will you hurry up i dont want to get caught in his office." i sigh and look at lucy wondering how much more corruption it will take for her to turn. "its going to be fine im his right hand the little voice that tells him what my master bids." she looks longingly at me then jumps as someone knocks at the door i sigh as a german soldier walks in and sees us sitting upon his leaders desk after the shock of not seeing his beloved leader but instead us he hurriedly reports the shocking news."we are being over taken by the americans and russians general shoultz!" i smile a little to myself, "are we private burkehaulter? i could not tell from the booms outside." i jump off the desk and motion for lucy to do the same as i circle around the soldier i grab my knife i carry at my side i stop circling and i pounce. i still remember the inscription on the blade *blunt und ehre*

another flashback the first time we met it was when she was sitting on the bank of the lake on her farmland staring at the water as her neighbors were taken for the fure had ordered it so. i had come along to see how the people would react then i see's her sitting there crying for no reason as i walk up to her she turns startled thinking the worst she scrambles away getting grass stains on her thin white night dress, "i mean you no harm i just came to see the view of the lake." she looks suspiciouly at me but sit's again none the less "w-why are y-y-you taking m-m-my f-friends away f-from me?" i sit on the bank next to her she jumps slightly as i do so, "the fure has ordered the soldiers to do this i cannot make them i apoligise."   she starts to cry and so i take her in my arms as she sits there and cries out all her tears until finally as the sunsets she looks at me and leans closer and kisses me. that is when she first fell in love with me.

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