the demon and the angel

read to find out
please give me feedback in the comment section at the bottom of the page need to know if the direction of the story is ok


7. the fire

as i lay in my bed staring at the brown spots on the ceiling hearing nothing but the sounds of the city, i put my head phones and listen to the never ending drums the sounds of metalica putting me to sleep.

the girl she's in front of me the girl i turned as i get closer she run's going faster and faster until the darkness falls all around me and again i must run from my enemy.

i awake to the smell of burning drywall i bolt upright and run to the door with no trouble i open the door the hallway is ablaze i walk to the stairs the fire licking my skin is a welcoming feel as i walk down the stairs and out the door i notice that the new girl is still inside i know, i know, i shouldent go back in for her but hey living among these damn humans has turned me a bit soft then again ive always been a bit soft when it comes to pure innocence i cant help it. as i turn around to run up the stairs i hear the scream of the sirens coming down the road i sprint up the stairs when i reach the door i kick it in splinters as it explodes inward i search the room "damn!" i say to myself as i do though i hear a squek from the bathroom i walk in seeing the door frame on fire i step in looking around nothing suddenly i see a flash of gold above me, suddenly a body comes crashing down upon me i catch it with ease i look at the face of the girl rosemary i recall from eairler that day. the flashing lights catch my attention as i turn to the window "shit!" she stirs as i swear i look at her is she worth the risk of being discovered her angelic face peaceful in sleep. "is there anyone in here!" i hear the firemen coming through the doorway the crunch of brittle wood a tail tell gasp as the man sees us. "i think i see two people!" the time for deciding over i jump head first out the window as we plumet down i let my wings out a whoosh and the updraft propells us up up into the full moon light.

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