Alex Renders was the girl you could call a lesbian slut. All she ever does is just looking for a one night stand. But one day she finds Tina Reed, who just happens to be her another one night stand. But after all she can't forget her, and Tina feels the same way.


1. Characters

Name: Alexandra (Alex) Mary Renders

Features: Her natural hair is brown colour, but she dyed them blonde. She has very very light blue eyes, like husky dog's.

Description: 18 years old. Alex is a lesbian who really likes having one night stands. She works in a lesbian club called 'Illusion' as a bartender. Sometimes stripper. She lives in an apartment with her brother James. Everyone in her family already knows that she's a lesbian, and they weren't surprised because she never liked boys when she was younger. Alex can be a bitch. If you do something she doesn't like, she will probably hate you for a very long time. She has a lot of friends and almost all of them are bisexuals or lesbians. She never had a girlfriend for a long time, the longest was probably for no longer than month. Everyone who had make out session or sex with Alex are now her friends and they say that she's really good at it.


Name: Tina Adie Reed

Features: Her natural hair colour is brown, but she dyes them blonde, because it suits her better. She has dark blue eyes.

Description: 18 years old. Tina is lesbian who just moved from Ireland to Los Angeles, California. She usually works in clubs. She worked in two lesbian clubs when she lived in Ireland and had one real girlfriend - Sydney Martinez. Her family knows that she's lesbian and supported her, but only her mother didn;t, because she's homophobic. Tina is really nice, lovely girl. She has hipster style. She has one brother and another sister. She loves working in clubs so she's going to get a job in one, here in Los Angeles. Her three cousins live here; George, Ray and Stella. When she was younger, 13 years old, she had her first kiss with her ex-girlfriend Sydney. That was the time when she found out about her sexuality. 


Name: Olivia Aimee Reed

Features: Her natural hair colour is black but she dyes her hair blonde, just like her sister Tina. Her eye colour is brown, put she likes to put blue lenses. She wears them almost everyday.

Description: 19 years old. Olivia isn't actually a lesbian. She decided to become one because she had seven boyfriends and all of them were jerks, so she's trying now with girls. She's moving to Los Angeles with Tina, because she didn't find any girls in Ireland. She gets on really well with her and Tina's brother Steve. She likes to try everything and that's one of the reasons why she became a lesbian.  She's a drug addict and only her sister knows about that, and she tries to help her. Olivia had only one job back in Ireland and it was in a local bakery. She was always jealous of her sister, because she's happier than Olivia. She had her heart broken so many times that she was almost on the edge of falling in to depression, but luckily she managed to stay strong.


© 2013 ChunkyBunny & LanaDelSummer


All the characters are fictional, they're not real and belong to the real authors. If we see someone copying our story, you'll have problems and we will make sure that you'll get banned from Movellas :)



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This is just the collaboration that me and my friend thought of doing. ChunkyBunny came up with the idea and i think this story is going to be awesome. Please read, like, add to favourites and comment, it would mean a lot to us. And then please read another story, (ChunkyBunny&LanaDelSumer) it's called Mosaic and it's going to be published tomorrow (2013.06.28). Happy reading, our lovelies :) xoo 

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