Alex Renders was the girl you could call a lesbian slut. All she ever does is just looking for a one night stand. But one day she finds Tina Reed, who just happens to be her another one night stand. But after all she can't forget her, and Tina feels the same way.


2. Chapter 1.


Alexandra's (Alex) Point Of View



I walked around the club and looked for some hot chicks. I don't have my shift today, so i have plenty of time to 'rest'. And by that i mean having a one night stand. I remember the first time my friend told me to find a girl, charm her with my beauty and then bring her to my bed. It was easy for me, because my apartment is above the club, and that's the biggest plus. 


Some people who know me, always say that i'm too hot to be a lesbian. But thats how i am, i love pussy and i can't change who i am. Even if i would be not as hot as i am now, i would still love girls. Boys are gross, they always beak girls' hearts, but with this lesbian thing...


I've been a lesbian for my whole life and i never had a normal girlfriend. There was one girl named Tasha and we were together for no longer than a month, then i dumped her because i've had enough of her. She wasn't really my type, and i need someone horny, not like her, she was too sensitive to me. She was kissing really calmly, we never had sex because she wanted to play 'hard to get', so i just broke up with her. 


I'm working in this club 'Illusion' for a year now. My best friend Abigail Stevens own this club and she offered me a job here, being a stripper and a bartender. She knew i was a lesbian, so it was a really awesome offer for me. She's a lesbian too and she's in a relationship with her girlfriend Fiona Donover for eight months now. They met here. 


The funny thing is that i became addicted to having one night stands and it's because of my friend Hannah Walker. She thought of a 'game' and the rules were that she and me have to have as many one night stands in one night. Well a month ran by, she got 17 and i got 29. From that time, i discovered that i love one night stands. 


Being a lesbian is better than being heterosexual. Nobody gets pregnant and lesbians kissing are way hotter than straight people kissing. Lesbians get more money in normal clubs, when they strip for you. 


From my experience in a normal night club, when i was a stripper, if you want to get money, you have to obey other people. Like one time i was stripping for one man and he said, 


"I'll give you a thousand if you make out with that brunette," He then pointed at my colegue Jennifer. I just nodded, took the money and walked over to Jennifer and did my job. She wasn't a lesbian, but she definitely knew this was just for money. 


My coming out story was very simple. Me and my family were eating dinner and i just calmly said,


"I'm a lesbian," 


They weren't actually surprised that i'm a lesbian because when i was younger i never liked boys. My mom used to ask me if i like any boy, i would just answer, ewww boys are gross.


But they don't know about the real me. They don't know that i'm a stripper in a lesbian club, they don't know that almost everynight i have sex with other girls, they don't know that i actually work here, just because i would get money. I don't really have to pay rent because i live with Abigail, above the club and she pays the rent because she gets more money than i. 


As i walked around the club, i spotted my best friend Abigail and i started walking towards her. There was loud music playing, lesbians kissing on the every corner but most of them aren't probably lesbians, they just look for an adventure. 


I poked Abigail's shoulder and she turned around, holding a drink in her hand, her lipstick ruined. That was probably Fiona's job. Wink wink. 


"Hey," I said as i smirked and looked at her mouth. Her lipstick looked awful, she looked like a clown. "You're lipstick is ruined," I said. 


"I know," She smirked at me and put her free hand around my shoulders. I saw one girl with long, blonde, straight hair and blue eyes, in front of me. She probably was wearing lenses, because there's no way a normal person could have so blue eyes. "Meet Olivia," Abigail said as she pointed at Olivia. 


"Olivia, meet Alex," She pointed at me and i smirked at the hot blonde i saw in front of me. Looks like i found myself a game for tonight. 


I stuck out my hand for her to shake and she shook it, "Nice to meet you," I said. She just looked at me every few seconds and then i just decided to wink at her. She looked at me and her cheeks turned red, even though it was dark in the club i could see that. 


I looked at her hungrilly and then licked my lips, hoping that nobody saw that. She smirked too and then sat down on a sofa that was behind her. 


Abigail looked at me and then at her phone, "I have to go. Fiona misses me," She said. I nodded and pecked her lips quickly, saying goodbye after. As Abigail was out of sight, i turned my head towards Olivia and smirked. 


I sat down next to her and looked at her eyes, i wonder what's her real eye colour.


"So, you and Abigail know each other?" I asked and looked a her breasts. They were actually really big, probably the size of my palm, maybe bigger. She chuckled nad shook her head. 


"My sister knows her, because they used to go to the same school in Ireland," She explained, just then i noticed her Irish accent and that made me smirk even more. I was a little bit wet down there and i actually couldn't wait any longer. 


Patience, Alex. 


"Oh, i didn't know she lived in Ireland," I said truthfully and looked at Olivia's lips. They were covered in lipgloss, with sparkles. Her eyelashes were fake, and her make up was smoky eye, my favourite. 


"Well she probably lost her accent because she lives in America for a really long time," She smirked and then looked at my lips. I know she wants to kiss me. I'm not amateur at this thing, i had a lot of girls kissing me and i definitely know when's the time to kiss them. 


(If you don't like dirty scenes, don't read further, because the rest of the chapter will be very very dirty.)


I decided to put my right hand on her thigh, since she was on my right, i could easily just move my hand between her legs and massage what's inbetween. So i did that. I slowly moved my hand between her legs and she looked at me, waiting for the pleasure she's about to get. When i found her panties, i moved my hand in them and then found her vagina. I started slowly massaging her and she moaned few times, but nobody heard because it was too loud. 


She was so pleased by this, because she was really really wet. I put my two fingers in her and moved them inside of her. I was so used to this that i feel like i'm a pro. Her mouth was open, and she was probably moaning non-stop by my actions, but i couldn't hear her. 


Then i stopped. I took my fingers out of her and licked her juice that was on my fingers. I closed my eyes as i licked everything that was on them, but when i opened my eyes i saw her breathing deeply and looking at me. 


"You taste amazing," I said and winked at her. Then i moved even closer to her, hoping that she's ready to have a make out session with me. "I bet your lips taste better," I said as i connected our lips. I didn't feel anything, i'm used to this. This was normal night for me, i can't help. 


She was a great kisser, because even i moaned few times. Her tongue licked my bottom lip and i tilted my head more to the side, so her tongue could have better access to my mouth. Her tongue entered my mouth and my tongue found hers and they danced together. Her saliva was in my mouth, but i still kept kissing her. 


I didn't notice that, but both of our hands were touching each other. 


I stopped.


"We should finish this in my apartment," I whispered to her. She nodded and bit her bottom lip before giving me a long passionate kiss. 


I stood up and took her warm hand in mine. Our fingers intertwined. I walked to the back door and while walking there i saw Abigail looking at me and smirking. She shoved me a sign that we both thought of, which means 'have fun in bed'. I just gave her thumb up and smirked. I looked at the door and took out my key to unlock them. 


We walked through the back door and in to the alley. It was dark, and nobody ever walks here at this time of night, so we can be save. She suddenly pushed me to the hard brick wall and started kissing me passionately. Her tongue explored my mouth and we both kept moaning. She was holding both of my hands above my head so i couldn't move. 


I broke the kiss, "Let's go to bed," I smirked and winked at her, giving her a hint of what's about to happen. She released me and grabbed my hand, and i dragged her to the metal stairs that were above the back door which we both walked through. We quickly walked upstairs and i unlocked the door. We walked in, i shut the door and threw the key on the ground, grabbing Olivia's face and started snogging her face off. 


Everything happened really quickly, we were just in the club, talking and now we're at my apartment snogging each other's faces off. Her hands were on my butt and my hands massaged her breasts. She kept moaning and moaning, she's one of the most-moaning girls i've ever kissed. 


I led her slowly to my room as we kept making out. I opened the door and as soon as i felt my bed, i fell on it and Olivia now was on top of me, taking the control. She took her dress off quickly and she was left in her black, sexy, lace lingerie. She unbuttoned my shirt slowly as she kissed my neck and i moaned in pleasure. 


Suddenly, my top wasn't on my body anymore and i was just in my tight skirt and white lingerie. She kept licking the spot inbetween my breasts and i kept moaning, taking my skirt off of myself slowly. As i was almost naked, she stopped and looked at me from above. 


I saw that her bra is with front hook and i quickly unhooked it and it quickly showed me her boobs. She threw her bra on the ground and i quickly turned her over so now i was on top of her. She smirked at me and looked at my bra. 


"You should take that off," She said and i smirked, slowly taking my bra off, just to tease Olivia. As my bra was off, i threw it somewhere on the ground and looked at Olivia's nipples. I smirked and leaned down and sucked on one of them. She let out a long, loud moan and i smirked. I licked her nipple and then bit it softly. 


"Ahhhhh..." She moaned out. 


I did the same thing on another nipple. 


Our position was now perfect. She was laying on her back and her legs were spread apart and both of my arms wer on the sides of her head, put on the bed, my legs were spead apart too and on each side of her body. I smirked, moving her legs on the bed so i could go lower. As i was in the right position, she spreaded her legs and i took her panties off, revealing her intimate place. 


I looked up at her and she was looking at me, she was probably very very fluttered, because she was so wet, it looked that she actually peed herself. I moved my head inbetween her legs and kissed one side of her leg. I saw more juice coming out of her vagina and i knew it was the time. I opened my mouth and touched her vagina with my tongue and mouth. She moaned, i felt more cum come in my mouth and swallowed everything. I started licking her vagina. My two fingers started rub her vagina, and then they entered her vagina, moving in and out. 


As i finished my job i licked my fingers and looked at Olivia who was sweating. I laid next to her and looked at her, she looked at me and smirked, "Now it's my turn," She said getting on top of me and kissing me from my collarbone to my stomach. She took my panties off slowly and then threw them somewhere. 


She kissed my stomach one more time before she started licking my vagina. I was in so much pleasure and i felt my cum come out of me and in to her mouth. She kept licking me and i kept moaning and moving around. My hand found the back of her head and i pushed her a little bit more. Then i suddenly felt her tongue enter my body and lick insides of my vagina. The pleasure i felt was incredible and every night it gets better and better. 


She stopped and laid down next to me, we were both breathing heavily and then i looked at her and smirked. I came closer and kissed her with my tongue battling with hers. We kept kissing and kissing, i was on top of her, our hips were moving against each other while we were kissing. 


After our kissing, we laid on my bed, both naked. I looked at her and asked, "Can i get your number?" 


She smirked and nodded. I took my phone from the ground and wrote her number in my phone. She sat down on the bed looking at me. "What's the time?" She asked. I looked at the clock. "1.21AM" I said, hoping that she'll leave now. 


"I have to go," She said getting off of the bed and putting her clothes on. "My sister is probaly worried," She said, putting her dress on. Her hair was a mess, but i think she couldn't care less now. 


As she was about to walk through my bedroom door i said, "Stop," She turned around to face me and i was in front of her wearing nothing and showing off her my body that every girl loved. "Goodbye kiss?" I asked, licking my lips and smirking. She just smirked too and leaned in, kissing me passionately, sher tongue exploring my mouth for the last time. 


"Goodbye," She said giving me a peck. She smiled and walked out of the room. When i heard my apartment door shut,i fell on my bed, not bothering to put any clothes and fell asleep, because that girl exausted me.


* * * * * * * * * *

Hey guys. It's ChunkyBunny here. So here's the first chapter to the story, hope you liked it and i really hope you were turned on by this, because i was. Okay, if you want another chapter, please get us +10 likes. Again, hope you liked it. xoo.



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