One Way Or Another

Melanie a 15 year old was obsessed with One Direction or as she like to refer to as a dedication ,but her friend since 6th grade, Will Monroe bugs her about it all the time the thing is that she will soon develop feelings for him. She just doesn't know they both Like each other how will he express his feelings for her...Will The Answer involve a little someone from a band called One Direction?
First Movella NO hate please its Not gonna be perfect! Enjoy!


4. Chapter 4

Melanie P.O.V
~Friday~Week Will comes back
I was super happy he was coming back but I wont see him till Monday. I was pretty good at hiding my feelings towards him I didnt make it obvious, but the bad thing is that my feelings didnt fade like I thought they grew. Me and Connor hace gotten alot closer not to close though... Anyways I better go to sleep tomorrow me and Connor are going shopping for Monday.

Will P.O.V
   My parents let me to the nearest McDonalds, I was tired of hotel food. I walked in and noticed the place was practically empty, I waited in line behind a blonde guy with dark brown roots. "well you look oddly familiar."I accidentally said out loud, he turned around with a frightened expression then it quickly faded, "well hello there mate, I havent seen you in ages!" I looked at him confused, "come and join me meet at tge back booth" " ok?" I said unsure. I ordered and walked slowly to the booth were he was waiting for me at. "Listen mate please dont tell anyone im here ill get mobbed by fans and paparazzi!" He said in a low whisper. "But why? Who are you?!" " Im Niall Hor- wait you dont know who I am?" I stopped to think wait he said Niall Hor?? Wait Hes Niall fuckin Horan!!!that fag Melanie is in love with! "Hello there mate can I know your name?" Oh umm yeah, it Will, Will Monroe." "Nice name so you found out who I am? Cause your face expression changed to thinking to anger than surprised." I startded  to smile because he doesnt know im mad at HIM! " well actually I was mad at you," "what!? Why what did I do?" He looked appalled. " Well this girl I like is like in love with you and it makes me mad that you can get any girl and she doesnt see that I fucking love her!!" When those words came out of my I realized what I just said. "He was smirking realizing what I just said,"What!?" "Well ,Will I want you to understand if you love her you should tell her not hide your love from her how is she ever gonna know? Have you ever given her any signs?" " Well no I make fun of her with cause of her obsession with One Direction -" I was cut off by Niall," umm its called dedicated" "Whatever thats what she says to,anyways no I've never really said anything nice to her." " Will!!" "Are you stupid you have to show her One Way Or Another!!" "Look I'll give you my number and I want you to think of a way to tell her your feelings and if you need help with anything please let me know, I want to see you happy you seem like a nice lad" " wow oh my thank you very much and you let me know if you have any ideas to, I have to leave in like five minutes were leaving tomorrow and I need to spend my last hours here well." "You're leaving were?" " Oregon" " oh but still call me or text me ok?" He gave me his phone so I could put in my phone and then I texted myself to know his number to. Then I got up said goodbye and we gave each other bro hugs and left.

I was sitting in bed at the hotel thinking about ideas of how I could tell her I came with very stupid and cheesy ideas, but I wanted it to be special. I texted Niall and asked if he thought about anything, he texted back and said 'well are you any good at singing?' I responded, 'im ok' then he Said what if your little suprise had something to do with you singing to her?' Then it hit me,'what if I like sang to her infront of the school and then you could sing too!' It took him along time to respond.'well I dont if I can come to Oregon in the middle if the tour,mate when did you want to tell her?'I thought about it if I was going to sing I would have to practice its March now I think May sounds good. I texted back 'what about the middle of May so I can practice?' 'Yeah sounds good but ill see what I can do about the performing thing with you I would really love to do it with you actually I told the lads about your idea and they would love to help and well actually we have May the 14th off and we could do it that day' 'yes I would that day is perfect and it would be amazing if they helped''Yeah I would definitely use their help!' I responded quickly. Oh my Frickin god I was going to tell the love of my life how I feel(or at least I think she's my love) in less than a month!! And One Direction is gonna be there to help oh god, what song am I gonna sing to her? Is the school gonna let me?! These crazy thoughts ran through my head. Ok we are going to leave  tonight I would be back to school on Monday basically tomorrow. I could talk to the principal after or before school. Ok yeah I'm gonna need at least two weeks to practice and I guess I can't practice with the guys cause their on tour,so maybe Skype and then before the performance we can practice real quick. 

~~ Plane Ride Home~~

   Will P.O.V
  I texted Niall ' So yeah I figured that we could practice through Skype and then practice at the REAL thing that day , do you think we should let the rest of the school see or just her? Oh yeah one last question.. What do I sing for her?!?!' Thanks Bye! 
   I waited like half the plane ride home until I felt my phone buzz, it was Niall. 'Yeah the practice sounds good if the whole school it would be amazing! Not just for you but her too, and as for the song she like us doesn't she?';) 'uh DUH!!' I replied. 'So lets sing one of our songs! What kind of songs do you want to sing? And how many?' Umm I hadn't thought of that actually, 'maybe one slow and one fastish?' He replied quickly ' yeah sounds good maybe one thing and kiss you? There both sorta fast but they explain your situation pretty well... Look up our songs so you can pick that special song for her so we sing three songs.'
   I did as told and went on YouTube on my phone and looked up' one Direction songs' and clicked on the first one, it had songs for both their albums. 


I have been listening to one direction music for the past two hours and that was a long time it took the rest of the plane ride and the ride home. So far I've liked 'What Makes You Beautiful' (obviously) And 'One Thing' Niall was right it did explain me well. And from TMH I liked 'Kiss You' 'TMD' I don't know what to pick at all ill just text Niall tomorrow. I'll see her tomorrow ... Hopefully

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