One Way Or Another

Melanie a 15 year old was obsessed with One Direction or as she like to refer to as a dedication ,but her friend since 6th grade, Will Monroe bugs her about it all the time the thing is that she will soon develop feelings for him. She just doesn't know they both Like each other how will he express his feelings for her...Will The Answer involve a little someone from a band called One Direction?
First Movella NO hate please its Not gonna be perfect! Enjoy!


3. Chapter 3

Melanie P.O.V 
~After School~
I was laying down on my bed when my phone buzzed '1 New Message'From Ally:)' (A=Ally M= Melanie)
M= whats up?
A=Nothing Much
M=Oh, can I ask you something?
M=Do you think anyone likes me?
A=Yeah!Are you flipping kidding me you are gorgeous!
M=I Wish I Knew Who...Thanks You To Babe!:)
A=I have an idea..
A=You arent gonna belive me but....Will Monroe
M= DaFuq? Ur kidding me.How?
A=I always catch him staring at you and hes always finding an excuse to talk you..;)
A=Do You Like Him back?
M=I dont know his younger brother is kinda cute..
A=Really?!I heard there going to New York for a week leaving on Sunday...
M=were did u hear that?
M=I gtg bye:)
A=ok Bye:)

Hes going to New York gor a week its not long but I hope I dont grow any feelings for him they'll probably go away like Matt....I Hope

~Next Morning~
I walk to school as usual,then I head to science but I notice that Will wasnt there.My smile faded I dont know why. Wow I wasted an entire good outfit on someone that isnt even here. I walked over to my desk and set my stuff down I decided to go to the bathroom while the bell rang,as I passed Wills locker I expected it to be empty but it was crowded with people I walked over to see ,Will making out with his friend Addy. "Ill miss you so much Will I'll text you every night" she said. I just couldn't take it anymore I was on the verge of tears I speed walked to the bathroom and as soon as I sat down I cried and let it all out I felt so stupid and embarrassed did i really think he would like me?! After a couple of minutes I got up from the stall and just left I didnt even want to look at myself I just wanted to leave but I didn't "shit" I said out loud I need a pass im late, to bad I dont fucking care right now.

~In Classroom

Will P.O.V
 Why did I let Addy kiss me?! I dont even like her she just leaped on me I guess I saw Melanie and was angry about what I found out yesterday. I walked into class suprisingly she wasnt there but her stuff was this kid Connor was sitting in the empty seat next to hers. Hell no, no Will stop shes not even your girl. Ten minutes later and she finally showed up she walked up to Mr.Johnson and they talked for about two minutes. When she turned around I noticed her face she looked sad and like she'd been crying recently her make up was dripping. But she still looked amazing her hair in  a ponytail curled in the back and a white floral dress. I smiled at her but she just looked away. She sat next to Connor he smiled at her and she smiled back. She took out a small bag out of her backpack she took out some mascara and eyeshadow she starded applying it whike taking glances at Mr.Johnson ,so she doesnt get in trouble I see Connor  talking to her ,when I hear "you know you dont have to put that shit on your pretty amazing without it." Wow nice one Connor, I look over to look at her and her face is blushing like mad. Thats enough I get up and grab my stuff and sit right in front of her, she ignores me and keeps talking to Connor when I see him pull out his phone. "Here put in your number", I took out of his hand," I sure will Connor text me while im in New York" I replied sassily. She swiped it out if my hand and put in her number. Then she turned to, me and said" while your in New York take a pic of 1D world for me would ya?she said with a smirk. "Why is that the only thing you care about?" I asked angrily. "Because what else am I supposed to say? Have a good trip Will! I'll miss you! Get up and give you a big kiss in the middle of the hallway?!" She yelled getting angry "well I wilk but not with you!" She looked at Connor and raised her eyebrow and he nodded they leaned in and I thought she was gonna kiss him but she just gently kissed his lips. "im not a slut." She turned to Connor and hugged him she whispered something to him then she starded crying he hugged her tighter and kissed her forehead, then told her "its ok just talk to him." She looked up and looked right into my eyes, "im sorry I really am I didnt mean to hurt you im,im sorry I hope you have fun in New York" she said whith a weak smile," I have someone here for me." She said looking at Connor, I looked at him with dark eyes but he was looking at her. "Its fine Melonballs!" I said while smirking she starded giggling. Then I decided to ask her, "can I have a goodbye hug?" "Sure Will" she said while laughing, and those five seconds that I held her in my arms made my whole trip liveable. I think I love her. 

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