One Way Or Another

Melanie a 15 year old was obsessed with One Direction or as she like to refer to as a dedication ,but her friend since 6th grade, Will Monroe bugs her about it all the time the thing is that she will soon develop feelings for him. She just doesn't know they both Like each other how will he express his feelings for her...Will The Answer involve a little someone from a band called One Direction?
First Movella NO hate please its Not gonna be perfect! Enjoy!


5. Authors Note

Authors Note 
  Hey Guys Its Dani here!! I wanted to thank you guys for getting me were I am it's not far but it's somewhere!!! I love you guys and anyways I wanted help picking the songs that Will should sing to her I want to keep it to the songs he picked but if you think another one direction song has a relation to his situation please comment it and thank you!! 

Any who have you guys heard their new single 'Best Song Ever'❤ i feel bad that it got leaked online they worked so hard for it anyway leave your comments about the songs I should pick. Pick your top two cause he's gonna sing two.Bye lovelies 👋

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