I love you...

This is about a girl named Ashleigh. She runs away from her parents who are constantly abusing her. She stumbles across a handsome blonde, and his name is Niall Horan.


1. Running Away

Authors Note: I am going to publish about 4 or 5 chapters tonight so there is a start of the story. Thanks!

Ashleigh's POV (point of view)

I sat on the computer, and my mom said "Get over here and do your chores" I slammed the computer shut, and began to come downstairs. My mom said "GODDAMMIT! GET DOWN HERE!" Then, she came up and slapped me, to the point where I was bleeding. I heard a ring on the doorbell, and I thought that it was my chance. I jumped out of the window, and I hit my head on the way down. I ran away when I heard my mother say "GET BACK HERE!" I ran to the water fall, which was about a mile  away and my mom can't run that far as fast as I can move another mile. I was crying, when I came across a big house. I rang the doorbell, when a nice woman answered the door. She said "Oh Hello. What's the matter? You look upset." I said "I have nowhere else to go. My parents are abusing me, and we live out near the country. I need somewhere to go. My mom slapped me until I bled and now I ran away and I don't know where to go." She said "Honey come inside, it's really cold out and you look like your about to freeze. I'll give you some Cocoa and a blanket." She opened the door and motioned for me to come in. I walked inside, and then she began to make hot chocolate. She handed me a blanket and turned on the massage chair, and told me to sit down. I sat down, and she told me to turn whatever I wanted on television. I just watched a weird show about a dancing peanut butter jar, when a blonde came down. I heard him say to his mom "Who's in the living room?" His mom said "Niall, I really don't know what her name is, but her parents are being abusive. She rang the bell and she said that she had nowhere to go, and she is staying here for the night. He said "Well, she is beautiful." His mom said "Go talk to her." The hot chocolate finished and she handed me a cup, she gave Niall a cup, and she was drinking a cup of Hot Coffee. Niall watched the same show as I did, and he looked at me. Like, an adorable stare. A good one. I wish that he loved me

Niall's point of view

She looked amazing, and she was watching the peanut butter show. We were almost soul mates, and she was one of the most amazing girls that I knew. I wanted her to know what I felt. I wished that there was some way for us to start a relationship.


Sorry for the crap chapter, the first is always the worst chapter

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