The Legend of The Crying Gold Statue

Ben is a hardly a regular teenager, for one he is the great, great, great etc, etc grandson of King Midas. That along with a curse that is placed on every 16 yr old in the family will be the desruction of him. - For the Hidden Power Competition


2. The Flower

It was the day, the day for my third attack, Dad was too leave at 1 hour too midnight and go too a hut one kilometre away, and I was too go and get him after the attack ended. I was having breakfast when it overcame. It was like a flood crashing into me, I fell and I knocked my plate to the ground where it shattered. The pain was unbearable. I screamed. Birds who were awoken so suddenly, flew off in fear. A black orb appeared at my chest, it grew, and grew until it was wider and taller then me. It enveloped my body, like black mist surrounding me. I could barely see through the darkness. The orb continued to grow until it was exactly three metres in radius.  Then the pain really began. It was torture, I screamed myself hoarse. I was lying on the floor, hot tears cascaded down my cheeks. My vision was blurry but I could just make out the flower sitting on the table, it was absorbed in the black, misty orb. It seemed to be taking on a golden quality. Then the orbed, seemed to shrink a little, then it shot itself out ways, with speed of a bullet and sound of a cannon. The pain suddenly stopped, I lay on the floor for a little while longer, dried tears stained my cheeks. I got up off the floor, and glanced around the room. Along with the flower, a fork and fragment of the plate had also been enveloped by the Gold. I climbed down the ladder and started the long walk too the hut where my dad was waiting for me.

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