The Legend of The Crying Gold Statue

Ben is a hardly a regular teenager, for one he is the great, great, great etc, etc grandson of King Midas. That along with a curse that is placed on every 16 yr old in the family will be the desruction of him. - For the Hidden Power Competition


5. Healing

I woke up and I couldn't remember anything. But it was coming back to me. I was foolish enough not to leave for the Safe Hut and I had been turned into a statue because of it. I looked around the hut. Ben had left. I closed my eyes and sent my thoughts out too find him. Unbeknownst to Ben, if you survived ten attacks, then you stopped getting the attacks, and you can sense where other Golds were, Golds were people who had the curse placed upon them. I was one such survivor. My mind found Ben. I followed the thought, and found Ben in a beautiful place, with a waterfall, a river and soft green grass. Ben was standing in the middle of the clearing, except he was a solid Gold statue, Gold orbs rested on his cheeks, tears.

Everywhere, the things Ben had turned to Gold with his curse would be returned to normal, including his mother. That was the downside about surviving the curse, the things you turned Gold stay Gold, however if you die the curse is reversed. Ben would be happy, knowing the destruction he caused unwillingly was reversed.

I left Ben where he was, I needed to go and find Mary, my wife.

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