The Legend of The Crying Gold Statue

Ben is a hardly a regular teenager, for one he is the great, great, great etc, etc grandson of King Midas. That along with a curse that is placed on every 16 yr old in the family will be the desruction of him. - For the Hidden Power Competition


4. Alone

There have been 6 attacks now and it was the day of the seventh attack. When I woke up I hoped that Dad had gone to the Safe Hut. There was no time too check because as soon as I was out of bed, the attack overcame. I was used to the pain so there was no screaming, but there were still tears. They slivered down my cheeks and dropped onto the floor. The orb appeared and the pain intensified. The orb grew larger and larger. When it suddenly, shrunk a little, then exploded outwards. I looked around the room. A leaf that had blown through the open window had turned to gold as had; a pencil, one of the floor boards, one of my socks and the window had taken a goldish colour but was still transparent. Only five, there was supposed to be five, I dashed out of the door separating my room from the living room. The pot was close to the wall and had become gold, a seven metre diameter nearly took up the entire hut. I ran all through the rooms, trying to find the final Golden item. I ran into my dad's room and saw a lump under the sheets. 'No, PLEASE NO!' I shouted as I threw back the covers to reveal the golden statue of my dad. He had slept in. New tears streamed down my face, hotter then normal. I ran into the living room and saw my reflection in the mirror hanging on the wall. My tears were golden. I scrambled down the ladder and ran, I didn't know where, I just ran. The Gold had claimed both my parents now. I ran for what seemed like ages. I found myself just outside the city I used to live in. I ran back into the woods and stumbled upon a gap between the trees, I walked through and found myself in the most beautiful place I had ever seen. Lush green grass, blanketed the ground and a river wound its way across the green floor. Its supply of water came from a waterfall, clear droplets dropped down off a shallow cliff and into the river. I stumbled into the centre of the clearing. I was having mixed emotions, anger for not checking my dad hadn't left the night before, and sadness that now I was an orphan. I looked at the beauty surrounding me. My emotions boiled up inside of me, slowly rising too the surface. When I screamed and with an outburst of energy. The black orb once again appeared at my chest, it exploded outwards, an everything went black.

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