Friends Forever and Always

It's the new start of school in September,Acacias second year of high school. She has her group of friends, Beau,Jai, Luke,Skip and James. But when Skip makes a change in his life, it turns Acacia's around as well. They go to the most exclusive high school in Los Angeles. When Acacias dad is busy working,she finds comfort in her dog Fruzzles. Acacia finds love. While Jai and Luke are fan-boying over one directions members over twitter who are in their hometown in Australia.


2. The suprise

The Suprise 

I walked into the hallway to meet the others. An instant smile greeted my face,when I saw Beau,Skip,James,Jai and Luke. Beaus been my best friend since kindergarten, I cant image life without him. He has brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes. "Damn,Acacia. You look good today" said Beau. I couldn't help staring into his eyes when he said that. "Beau,dirty pig!" said Skip, Skips real name is Daniel.But he's been my friend as long as i've known Beau. He has dark brown hair and beautiful brown eyes.Him and Beau were wearing matching muscle tanks."Skip has a girlfriend,Skip has a girlfriend!" chorused Beau,who was later joined by Jai and Luke. Jai and Luke are twins,completely identical. Brown hair and brown eyes. My face flushed red.

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