Friends Forever and Always

It's the new start of school in September,Acacias second year of high school. She has her group of friends, Beau,Jai, Luke,Skip and James. But when Skip makes a change in his life, it turns Acacia's around as well. They go to the most exclusive high school in Los Angeles. When Acacias dad is busy working,she finds comfort in her dog Fruzzles. Acacia finds love. While Jai and Luke are fan-boying over one directions members over twitter who are in their hometown in Australia.


5. The one

 The One

We went up the Brooks driveway. They live in the most exclusive part of Los Angeles. They live in 90210,their house is huge. Its a black and white modern house with huge glass windows and the prettiest garden full of flowers. The boys all have their own rooms with en suite bathrooms. Beau stopped the car, while I was staring at how beautiful the house way he opened the door of the car for me. "Ladies first" he said while smirking at me. I got out of the car and he closed the door. We walked into the house and realized something. "Beau?" I asked while he was taking his shoes off "Yeah?" he replied eagerly. "Isn't your mom home?" I stared at him, he stuttered to answer. " Shes in Africa at the moment,so no." We walked up the stairs together. I saw the door to Beaus room and walked in. I jumped on the king size bed and sat down there checking my phone. I wanted to text Dad to tell him that i'm at Beaus,but there was no service. "Beau why isn't there service here?" I asked, he jumped down next to me on the king bed switching the tv on. "Theres no service on this side of the house for some reason,sorta weird." he replied. Ill just text him later,i'm sure he wont mind. We started watching some Modern Family together and after a while Beau looked at me and said in his husky Australian accent "Acacia?" he looked into my eyes and leaned in for a kiss. He held my waist and I put my arms around his neck. At that moment,I realized. Beau was always the one I loved. His lips were soft and tasted like fruit lip balm. I lent back on the bed and he started getting on top of me and kissing my neck. I put my hands on his waist and pulled him closer. He started kissing my lips again, but started doing it with tongue. He started kissing my neck again and found my sweet spot, I moaned a little and he smiled. "Beau. Maybe another time,come over tommorow" I said as I got up."Sure." he said, I kissed him goodbye and went home. 

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