Friends Forever and Always

It's the new start of school in September,Acacias second year of high school. She has her group of friends, Beau,Jai, Luke,Skip and James. But when Skip makes a change in his life, it turns Acacia's around as well. They go to the most exclusive high school in Los Angeles. When Acacias dad is busy working,she finds comfort in her dog Fruzzles. Acacia finds love. While Jai and Luke are fan-boying over one directions members over twitter who are in their hometown in Australia.


4. Pucker up

As the school bell rings for lunch, I felt something on my hand. I turn around and its Skip. "Acacia,we really need to talk." He says as he pulls me into the the empty corridor.  "Its about Lola." he continues. "Skip there is nothing to talk about,I really don't mind" I lie. He puts both hands on my waist and stares into my eyes. "I know you do." he says getting closer, I gently pull his hands off my waist. "Skip,stop it. That kiss in the summer didn't mean anything. We both agreed it didn't." I say rapidly. Skip moves away "You're right." He says while glancing around the room. "Bye Skip, I'm going to lunch." I say while walking down the empty corridor. I dont understand why he would think I care? Yes,secretly I do. Nevertheless,am I really that obvious? As I was walking down the stairs I bumped into Miss Lewis,which was completely embarrasing. " Oh gosh,i'm so sorry Ms Lewis. I really didn't mean to!" she rolled her eyes at me. I entered the lunch room and saw the guys at one table,but Skip was with Lola at another.."Hey guys,whats up?" I say as I walk over to them and sit down. "Skip is with Lola" Jai says imitating her touching his hair around. This made me think Jai was a bit jealous as well...  Why though?I don't think he knew about Lolas existence before,so why care now? The twins left the table without any regard to say goodbye. "Acacia?" Beau said while he stared into my eyes with his beautiful ones. "Yes?" I answered nervously. He coughed a little and asked "Do you want to come over today? The twins are out so i'd quite like some company." I replied with a happy voice "Sure." and the school bell rang to go back to class.

When my classes were over, I headed to Beau's locker to meet him. "You ready to go?" I nodded as we headed to the car. Beau has the most glamorous car a 17 year old could ask for,its a red mini cooper convertable.Its stylish from the outside and you defenitely feel glamorous on the inside. As we got into the car he handed me a pair of ray ban sunnies and some burt bees lip balm. "Pucker up" he said and I laughed. 

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