Friends Forever and Always

It's the new start of school in September,Acacias second year of high school. She has her group of friends, Beau,Jai, Luke,Skip and James. But when Skip makes a change in his life, it turns Acacia's around as well. They go to the most exclusive high school in Los Angeles. When Acacias dad is busy working,she finds comfort in her dog Fruzzles. Acacia finds love. While Jai and Luke are fan-boying over one directions members over twitter who are in their hometown in Australia.


3. Jealousy


"Who?" I said in a state of shock. Me and Skip shared a kiss in the summer,but we decided it was nothing and quickly moved on.Beau looked at me smirking,not knowing anything that went on in the summer. Beau continued "Lola Martin,you know that brunette bomb-" I quickly interrupted "Yeah,yeah... I know who she is." I said jealously. Lola Martin,is perfect. She has everything a girl could want. The preppy name,the hair,the makeup,the body and that snobby personality. Last year she was my lab partner in chemistry;Never thought some one like Skip would date her. "Here she comes" said Jai. She walked over to us;she was wearing the shortest and most tight red dress pairing it with a pair of black Loboutins. "Hey Skippy" she said with a grin on her face leaning in to kiss him. Me and Beau both looked at each other. "Oh, by the way,i'm Lola. I don't believe we know each other." she said to me with a fake smile. "We were lab partners,last year in chemistry." I said to her rolling my eyes. "Oh right." She replied with the smile going off her face. Was she kidding right now? She came over to my house to basically watch me do all the work for the project.It was the most traumatizing experience of my life to see her look around my room.  "Okay Skippy, lets go to class" she said taking him by the hand and pulling him "Bye guys." Skip said. Jai and Luke both looked at each other "I think we're going too, see you!" Luke said as they walked away. Which left only me and Beau. "She seems pretty bitchy,don't you think?" Beau said to me with a suprised look on his face.  "I don't think,I know. On the other side, where the hell is James?" Beau smacked his hands against his forehead, "I completely forgot, James in London for the semester. He's doing some internship there." I grabbed Beau's hand and started walking to class with him.

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