"This book, is about my life."
What if one day, you were handed a book? Handed a book by a stranger with nothing on the cover. What if when you started to read this book you realized it was about your life? Would you keep reading? This happened to Aria Westfall, and now she has some decisions to make.


2. The Leather Bound Book

     Kenzie and I already woke up and got ready and we're at the park now. My hair was thrown up in a messy red bun while Kenzie's blonde hair looked perfect and straight as always. "Did you sleep okay?" I asked her. Our identical sparkly toms kicked up water droplets behind us on the wet black-top. She nodded her head and asked me the same. I told her how I woke up in the middle of the night for no reason, but besides that I slept okay.

     We talked about our love lives and ranted about our bossed for a bit while we swung on the damp swings. "How's your dance school so far?" she asked me. "I like it. It's a lot of fun and everybody there is nice. Sometimes if we aren't doing the dances we're supposed to we're just messing around and kicking back." I tell her. I've always loved to dance ever since I was little. 

     Kenzie told me she had to go and we said bye to each other. Her house is close to mine so she just walked back. I decided to stay at the park for a bit longer. There were only a couple of other people here, all doing their own things. I got up from the swings and made my way over to the flower garden. It's always pretty after it rains. For some reason I think the colors of the flowers look more vibrant, and the rain droplets sit on the leaves and petals of the plants. I sat down on the cold metal bench looking through my phone. Nothing to do on facebook, instagram, twitter. I lock my phone and slide it into the pocket of my denim capris and decide I'm going to head home. I get up and walk through the wet grass, when I see someone walking towards the garden. I say hello to them as they approach me. I get no response. I look at his short black hair and his deep brown eyes. I pay no attention to what he's wearing because I was trying to figure out if I knew him. I took a step back as he reached for the bag at his waist, unbuckling it. I was handed a black leather bound book. I scanned the front and back covers, nothing. When I looked back up to ask him about it, the man was gone. 

     I carried on with my business and walked home, the book tucked under my arm. Questions filled up my thoughts. Who was he? What's this book about? Why did he give it to me? When I reach the front door of my small house, I pull the single key out of my back pocket, unlocking the door. I step inside and kick off my damp shoes and sit over at the dining table. 

     I flip the book open to the first page and see it was blank, so I flipped to the next. I started reading the first paragraph and it read,

     November 4th, 1993. Aria Nicole Westfall is born. She weighs around 6lbs. She is born not breathing.

     I slam the book closed, my breath slow and short. "What the hell is this?" I ask myself. I figure it has to be the biggest coincidence ever. I leave the book on the table, too spooked to even look at it. I go into the bathroom and look in the mirror. I examine the little makeup I have on, some nude eyeshadow, black eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss. I probably could've used a little more. I wasn't too big on makeup unless I'm going somewhere with a lot of people. I pull out my phone and call my boyfriend, Ryan.

     He picks up, "Hey babe." he says, I smile at his voice.

     "Hey, do you mind coming over?" I ask him, hoping he isn't busy with anything. 

     "Yeah sure, I'll be over in 5."

     Saying nothing else we both hang up and I sit in my living room. My kitten Aida rubs up against my legs and lets out a soft meow. I pick her up and sit her in my lap, waiting for Ryan.

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