"This book, is about my life."
What if one day, you were handed a book? Handed a book by a stranger with nothing on the cover. What if when you started to read this book you realized it was about your life? Would you keep reading? This happened to Aria Westfall, and now she has some decisions to make.


1. The Last Normal Day

     The glass bowl shattered on the carpeted floor. Shards of orange colored glass went everywhere. "Oh my god Kenzie." I said rather quietly. My best friend Kenzie stood in the middle of the room stifling laughter. "I didn't think it would break." she said, finally letting out her laughter. "Did you expect it to bounce?" I asked her, laughing as well. "I thought the carpet would protect it!" she exclaimed, bending down to pick up the popcorn and shards of orange bowl. I didn't ask her why she dropped the bowl in the first place, I just bent down to help her clean up.

     After about 20 minutes of picking up food and glass, we collapsed on the couch. I picked up the remote from the coffee table and clicked on the television. An infomercial for some work out equipment filled the screen. "We should do something tomorrow." Kenzie said as we surfed through channels. "Like?"

     "Let's go to the movies."

     "Something easier?"

     "The park?"

      I thought about going to the park for a bit. I agreed to it, even though I just felt like staying home and watching movies by myself like the loner I am. I didn't tell this to Kenzie though. We finally settled on watching Cupcake Wars because it was the only good show on at 1:30 AM. We sat in silence watching the screen as I played around with my long, fire-truck red hair. "Aria, I'm starving. Can we please go hunt for something in your kitchen?" Kenzie groaned. "Fine, but I'm not letting you get ahold of any bowls." I said and laughed. I got up and she followed after me, up the stairs from my basement and to the kitchen. It was storming out. I'm the only one out of my group of friends who loves storms. The sound of thunder is a nice change from how quiet it is in our town.

     Kenzie went to open the freezer, and as soon as she did the power clicked off. I groaned. "Seriously?" I asked myself. I slowly made my way over to the cabinets, my eyes already adjusting to the darkness. I pulled it open and felt around for the flashlight I usually keep up here. My fingers felt the rubberized handle and I grasped it, pulling it out of the cabinet and switching it on. I turned around and shined the light to the fridge. Expecting to see Kenzie, I was a little confused when she wasn't standing there. "I'm downstairs!" I heard her call. When did she go down there? I asked myself.

     After an hour or two of Kenzie and I sitting quietly on the couch in the basement with little conversation, I started dozing off. The batteries in the flashlight had run out about 25 minutes ago, so we were sitting in total darkness. The only light we had was the cracks of lightning flashing in through the windows. Soon, we were both asleep on the black leather couch.

     Next thing I knew I bolted awake. The power was still out so I couldn't check the clock. I felt around the couch for my phone and unlocked it. 6:13 AM. I had a text from my boyfriend that I received an hour ago. "You got power there?" it read. I decided not to respond, figuring he was asleep by now. After a few minutes I was asleep once again.

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