Thank You Mum

Palma's mum died from cancer. Her mums spirit visits her every night and gives her advice. Her mum said to go to the food store that night. That is where Palma meets someone special.


4. The Strangers

Nobody's Pov


Zayn decides to text Palma the next day. 

'Hi Palma, want to come over? I have some friends that want to meet you!'

'Sure, can you pick me up?'

'yup np!' 

'Come in 25'


Zayn shuts his phone as Palma is looking for the perfect outfit. Palma has a tiny crush on Zayn and is nervous to meet the boys.  Palma straightens her hair and puts on a long grey dress.  She applies makeup as Zayn gets dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans.  She settles on black sandals with grey jewels. The boys get ready to meet Palma and Zayn and Niall leave pick her up.  Zayn honks the horn as Niall scoots in the backseat. Palma grabs her phone and locks her doors. "Hi Niall, hi Zayn!" Palma says and climbs in the passenger seat.




We are driving to our house so Palma can meet the boys.  Zayn has a huge crush on her.  We arrive at the house and I open Palma's door. "Thank you, Niall" She says.  We walk into the house and she flinched at three faces that popped out from behind the couch.

"I'm Harry"

"I'm Liam"

"I'm Louis"

"Nice to meet you guys, I'm Palma"

"So I was thinking we could go to the movies" Louis asked in hope.  "Sounds good to me but only if we get Nando's after!" I said.  "What's Nando's?" Palma asked. My jaw dropped as I turned to her.  "Only the best food place ever!" I screamed.  "Can Eleanor come?" Louis asked the boys.  "Sure, Palma will have another girl and I'll invite Danielle" Liam added.




As we waited for the other girls to get here, I went over to Liam.  "Hi Liam!"  "Hi Palma, so do you go to college?" "No I quit when my mum passed away but I'm 19, do you know any jobs that hire people with only 1 year college?" I asked him. "Yeah I think a nail salon does, it's right down the street" "Cool"  

The girls arrive and I make friends with them.  "Lets go!" Harry shouts.

We get out and see the movies.  "How about Iron Man 3?" I suggest.  We buy the tickets and get seats.  "Yo, man there's Perrie" Niall whispers.  "Who's Perrie?" "Ex" Zayn replies.  I look down and eat some popcorn.  I take a sip of my coke and sink into my seat.  The movie begins as turn off my phone.  Everybody does the same.  I was into the movie.

After the theater we went to Nando's.  Niall told me what was good.  We ate and I went home.

As I was settling into bed I heard, "Your good to go, bye darling.." That means she won't visit me anymore...

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