Thank You Mum

Palma's mum died from cancer. Her mums spirit visits her every night and gives her advice. Her mum said to go to the food store that night. That is where Palma meets someone special.


3. Him

Palma's Pov


I woke up around lunch time, I'm going to the bakery downtown.  I'm glad I quit college, I'm 19 but I went for a year.  I looked down at my outfit, orange and red zebra tank-top and yellow shorts.  I love summer!  I ordered a chocolate milk and chocolate cake. Yes, for brunch, don't judge.  I took my first bite and I was in heaven.  

I left the bakery and decided to go to the beach. I changed into a brown bikini.  I drove for a couple minutes and finally got there.  I got a spot in the middle of the beach.  I put on my sunglasses and watched the clouds.  A guy walked by me and kicked sand on me.  "Oh my, I am so sorry Palma"  "Oh, hi Yaser, it's ok." I said and got up.  I followed Patricia into the water. "Hi Tricia" I said.  "Hi Palma, I didn't see you!" She said in her british accent.  I jumped over waves,  as if I was a little kid.  I realized, I brought nothing to drink!  I went over to the smoothie stand, and got a strawberry banana smoothie.  I walked over to my towel, I shook it out and laid back down. I dozed off and woke up later.  I decided to leave since it was 4 o'clock (dinner time).  I drove back home and got a shower.  I washed my body, and washed my hair.  I towel dried my hair and brushed it.  I put it in a messy bun and put on an orange top with purple sweat pants.  I cooked some homemade mac and cheese with all varieties of cheeses, and made a salad.  I ate it up and watched some television.  4 shows passed and it was 8 o'clock since my mum died I usually go to sleep earlier.

 I brushed my teeth and climbed in my bed, "Palma, my sweet daughter, please go to the food store and buy something." I didn't know what that exactly meant but I did it.  I grabbed my car keys and unlocked my car.  I drove down 3 streets and there was the food store.  I grabbed some juice and looked down at my phone '8:26' it read.  I then bumped into someone.  "Oh my  gosh, I'm so sorry!" I exclaimed.  "Me food!" Cried a blonde boy as it dropped on the floor.  "It's ok, I'm Zayn Malik"  "I'm Palma West" "Wait did you say Malik?" I asked in shock.  "Yes, Malik" He said. "Patricia and Yaser are your parents?" "Yup" "Your parents were good friends with my mum!" I said. The blonde boy asked, "Do you live with your mom?" "Ugh, she's not alive.." I gulped. They stared at me in shock.  "Well I have to go, can I have both of your numbers?" I asked.  I gave them my phone and they gave me theirs.  I looked at the contacts. 'Zayn :)' 'Niall!!'

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