Thank You Mum

Palma's mum died from cancer. Her mums spirit visits her every night and gives her advice. Her mum said to go to the food store that night. That is where Palma meets someone special.


6. El and Dani

Palmas Pov


After I got settled, I found out El and Dani are moving in.  But they are sharing rooms with their boyfriends. I was laying in my bed when Louis tapped my shoulder and sat on my comfy bed.  "El and Dani want to take you clothes shopping" Louis said. "I don't really have that much money" I mumbled into my pillow.  "Zayn said he would pay" "Aww thats so sweet!" "Go thank him girl!" Louis exclaimed in a girly voice.  I flattened down my hair and found Zayn in his room. He was sitting on his bed on his phone.  I knocked on the door when it was open.  "Thank you!" I ran and hugged him.  "Its no problem" He said in his adorable accent.  He handed me the money and I kissed his cheek, I walked out of his room and looked back, he was blushing.  I went in my walk in closet and changed into white jeans and a purple and white polka-dotted tanktop.  I put a white bow in my hair.  I put on a silver bow bracelet with diamonds.  I put my hair in a braid. I put on light purple eye shadow, and black eyeliner. I also put on mascara. El and Dani appeared in my room.  "Ready?" Eleanor asked. "Yup!" I said as I closed my bedroom door. We walked out as I thanked Zayn one last time.  "So you and Zayn not a thing yet?" Dani asked as I slid in the back of Danielle's car.  "Nah, he's so nice to me, he gave me money to shop, he helped me pack, and he's just a nice person in general." I claimed.  Eleanor stared at me, not believing me. "Fine, I have a huge crush on him."



"Yeah, I have met Palma, she's lovely mum"




We arrived at the mall. And lets just say I went a little overboard.

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