Thank You Mum

Palma's mum died from cancer. Her mums spirit visits her every night and gives her advice. Her mum said to go to the food store that night. That is where Palma meets someone special.


8. Date 2



I get ready for the movies with Zayn.  I get on a blue see- through blouse and a black tanktop.  I squeeze into my black jeans. I put my hair in a bun and drive to the movies.  There I see, Zayn sitting on the bench.  I walk over to him and smile.  "Hi babe" Zayn said and took my hand. I didn't know what the movie was called but it was really good!  It was 3D.  I chewed on some milk duds (little balls of caramel with chocolate over them) and had some popcorn.  "But you can't leave me!" The girl in the chick flick exclaimed.  "Yeah well I just did" The man said slamming the door.

Once the movie was over (4 o'clock) we had dinner with the boys, Harry had cooked beef stew, it was quite good because I normally don't like it.  "Harry this is really good, thank you!" I said and gave him a hug.

After dinner I stripped and got in the shower. I did all my business and got out.  I put on my neon yellow onesie.  I sank into my bean bag with my pillow pet.  I went into my own world and fell asleep...

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