Thank You Mum

Palma's mum died from cancer. Her mums spirit visits her every night and gives her advice. Her mum said to go to the food store that night. That is where Palma meets someone special.


7. Date 1



I woke up to a note slipping under my closed door.  

' I was thinking we could go bowling and to dinner, as in a date..?  If you don't want to it's fine just don't meet me in my room later at 3. xx -Zayn'

I flopped on my bed and screamed into my pillow.  Liam walked in. "You okay there?" He asked giggling.  "Better than ever!" I exclaimed.  He walked away and I screamed down the hall.  "ELEANOR DANIELLE COME HERE!" I  squealed in excitement as they walked in.  "WHAT?" Dani said curious. I handed them the yellow sticky note. "OMG!" Eleanor shouted. "You have three hours!"  Eleanor screamed dragging me into my bathroom while Dani picked out my outfit. Eleanor dragged my hair curler and worked her magic.  I brushed my teeth as Danielle came into my bathroom with the outfit and jewelry. I changed not caring since we are all girls and they told me I looked perfect.  I admired my outfit: A white tight dress with mid length sleeve \ Hair: Long black curls with a white flower\  Jewelry: Diamond necklace.  And NO makeup. They gave me black braided sandals since we were bowling.

I met Zayn in his room and he was wearing a black dress shirt and jeans with dress shoes.  "Ready?" "Yup" I said and smiled.  "You look amazing" He said as we walked out the door, I blushed. "Thanks so do you!" I said to him. I got in the passenger seat and he backed out of the driveway.  

We went bowling and had alot of fun.  Now we are going to this soup place for dinner. I put my arm around his and kissed his cheek.  I got chicken noodle and so did he.  And we kissed on the lips.. tehe.

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