Summer '09

It was a summer full of laughter. A summer full of love. A summer full of relationships. It was the Summer of '09.


1. Too Much Thinking

The soft breeze kisses my face gently as it sweeps past me, only leaving a trail of that soft wind feeling against my face. I can't help but think about the beach house and how the same breeze once kissed me with love. Leaving soft kisses across my skin making me shiver all over. Now is not the time to think about the beach house or the time that was spent there. Too many memories play out, laughter down the hallways, flour fights in the kitchen, and love making in the bedroom. All of the that built up in one summer. But that's all over now, no more fun, no more laughter, and no more love. The once soft wind now smacks me across the face bringing me back to reality. I look around at the cold, dreary day to see my best friend cuddled up to Louis. Her body pressed into his like it was made to fill in the gaps. He is looking down at her mumbling something in her ear. She gives a half smile, and he bends down to kiss the side of her face, then rests his chin on top of her head, squeezing his eyes shut because this day is hard for him too. They are so sweet together. He is so good to her. Of course their relationship has had trouble, but their love still shows. A jealous pain strikes through me and I suck in air realizing I've been holding my breath the entire time. I look at the ground and try to hold back my tears, trying to find anything to distract me from the knot forming in my throat. Just as a ladybug starts crawling around on a dandelion, a soft warm hand starts rubbing and squeezing my arm. I look up to meet the same warm gaze of Liam. Liam is only trying to comfort me but its making things worse. The knot grows larger and I try to swallow down my tears. To know that all of us have shared all this time together, getting to know each others secrets and quirks makes this day harder . He gives me a half smile with those warm brown eyes. As I do the same, he lets go of my arm and starts to talk to Niall and Zayn. I have a hard time making out what he is saying, but Niall looks my way and smiles a smile that I know is fake. He has been crying, his eyes give it away. Zayn can't look at me. He tries but to no avail he looks back down at the ground kicking at the dirt.

I look back at Addelyn and Louis, trying to find comfort in their love. It looks so innocent and kind. He is rubbing her back and she is crying lightly, looking back at me every so often. I think back to the beach house when the only crying we did was when we laughed so hard tears came to our eyes. We'd spend days and nights trying to figure things out, but we only came to the conclusion that we were happy now and we would just leave it at that. Because in the beginning we weren’t happy. In the beginning things were messed up. Secrets were shared and words were thrown. I won’t forget what happened, but looking back I realize I’m glad we all forgave each other. Suddenly, gravity is too much for me and I fall to my knees. I throw my face in my hands and let my world come crashing down around me. Instantly, I'm surrounded by five different people. I look up to see their worried faces, but I don't find the one I'm looking for. I don't see my cheeky faced, curly haired, green eyed boy.

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