Summer '09

It was a summer full of laughter. A summer full of love. A summer full of relationships. It was the Summer of '09.


6. Sage

So many thoughts run through my mind, followed by so many tears. How is it that one person can do this to me? That a single soul can just say something or in this case not say anything and everything around me fades to black? I hear someone at the door and I turn to look but no one is there. God, Sage. You are being pathetic. This is stupid, it’s probably nothing. I get up and wipe the tears away. He'll say it when he is ready. Why am I so worried?


I venture out into the main room and see Zayn on Skype with Perrie. I make sure to say 'Hi' before I go out to the beach. I made sure to wear my bikini under my clothes so I could easily swim in the ocean as soon as I got here. I love the ocean. It's so free and open--my favorite place to be. As I throw my clothes off, I see Harry sitting on the shore line. I decide to go over to him, acting like nothing is wrong and let us be happy like before. As I near him I notice his eyes are puffy like he has been crying and his clothes are soaked. "Harry? Harry baby, what's wrong?" I sit next to him and force his face in my hands towards my own face. He looks at me, and a shot of pain shoots through his eyes instantly. Thinking I created it, I quickly let go, startled at what I must of done.

"I need to tell you something." As soon as those words leave Harry's mouth all the blood drains down to my feet. I can only imagine how much paler I look now. This can’t be happening to me. Did he cheat? Did he get kicked out of the band? Can we not stay here anymore? Does he not love me the way I love him? All the possibilities run through my mind. "Baby, I want you to listen. It was a mistake. I regret it so much I don't want to lose you." He starts to stroke my face and my arms. His touch is like hot metal against my skin. I smack him away.

"Don't touch me." I say as I scoot farther away from him. I feel sick like I want to puke.

"Love, I didn't mean to. Please it was a mistake. Let me explain. I.. I cheated. I slept with another woman. T-three times." It’s like I’ve been shot. I can hardly make out the words.

"Wow Harry good job on being blunt!" I yell at him. "Three times, three fucking times?! That's not a mistake! HOW COULD YOU?!" He looks at me like I've just stabbed him I'm his heart. But really he just stabbed mine.

"It was a mistake love. Please forgive me. I was vulnerable. She came to me I was missing you...." he looks so pathetic like saying that makes everything okay. He cheated and thats that. 

"So you think that just because you were vulnerable and missing me that it makes this okay?" I'm baffled at the thought that he thinks this, I kind of let out a loud laugh and look at him.

"No it doesn't, but I love you and I want to work this through that's why I'm telling you now." He loves me. He said it. Joy spreads through me, and then I remember that he cheated and the rage just comes right back. "Who. Who the hell was it." It wasn't a question. 

He gives me a look and says, "I don't think you want to know...." What? Why the fuck wouldn't I? I get up in his face and I look him straight in the eye.

"Try me."

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