Summer '09

It was a summer full of laughter. A summer full of love. A summer full of relationships. It was the Summer of '09.


4. Harry

I walk out of the room into the hallway away from her, away from my blonde haired beauty. I know I left her in there crying and thinking that she did something wrong. But I couldn't do it. I couldn’t say it back. I wanted to, but I’m too guilty. She would hate me if she found out what I did to her. Anger builds inside me and I punch the wall creating a hole. Shit. That's going to cost me. I start for the patio doors running as fast as I can. Though just as I reach for the door, I hear something: laughter and heavy breathing. As I look down the hallway, I see Addelyn and Louis fumbling for the door. Memories start flooding my mind; touching, willingness, urgency and loneliness. I quickly erase the thoughts consuming my mind. They were mistakes! I never wanted that to happen. I never wanted to hurt her! Tears start forming in my eyes and I run harder and faster down the beach and out to the water. I lunge into the water, not caring about taking off my clothes. Who cares about them they are nothing compared. I start swimming farther out trying to clear my head. I stop and I float, letting out a scream of anger and frustration. The waves take me up and down, I willingly let them. I suddenly realize I've gone too far out, and start swimming back to shore. When I get closer I see a figure sitting on the beach waiting for me. I pray in my head it isn't Sage waiting for me. I don’t want to see her face. As I near the strange figure, I notice that its just Niall. Oh, thank God. He probably just wants to discuss dinner options. Options being Nando's. I get out of the water and sit next time him at the shore line.

"Wanna talk about it?" he asks softly. I don't see why Sage didn't pick him over me. In the beginning, it was a competition to get her. I won, obvioulsy, but I can’t see how. With his Irish accent and cheeky little laugh, he should have easily won her over. He wouldn't have done what I did, he would have controlled himself and he would have said those words back.

"Talk about what...?" I mumble as I finger a fish in the sand.

"You know what," he glares, hitting my shoulder. "You running out of the house and throwing yourself in the water. What happened, mate? This was suppose to be a good summer with your girl, and you are already screwing it up?" I take in his words and realize I need to tell someone. I need to let it out. I can't just bottle it inside.

I turn to look at him. "Niall." I gulp. "I did a bad thing..."

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