Summer '09

It was a summer full of laughter. A summer full of love. A summer full of relationships. It was the Summer of '09.


2. Beach House

"Oh my god, Addelyn! Get in here!" I yell as I look around. It's the most beautiful house I've ever seen. Decorated so well you'd think it was out of a magazine, which it probably was considering who we were staying with over the summer. Couches, cushions, and flowers everywhere. It's beautiful and open, letting in so much sunlight and warmth. I can tell that this summer will be one to remember. "HOLY SHIT. This place is so great!" She yells from around the corner. I look through the big patio doors wanting to run out to the ocean and not care about anything, waste my days away on that soft sand, tanning my skin a gorgeous golden brown. As I’m about to pull off my shirt and run towards the ocean, I hear them. Laughter coming from across the house and muffled shots of a gun. As soon as I hear it I yell for Addelyn and I see the two marshmallow guns that await us on the table. With a note that reads, “Game on ladies.” We grab the guns and make sure they are fully loaded with marshmallows. Slowly, we creep around the corner keeping as silent as possible. I motion for her to move to the other wall so we can ambush the boys. As we peek over the corner, we spot Louis, Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Harry all firing at each other. They are completely unaware that we have even arrived at the house. Addeyln and I look at each other and I motion that on three we attack. One. Two. Three. On three we spring around the corner and start pumping marshmallows everywhere. The boys faces light up in surprise as we start shooting at them. Niall is the first to run out of ammo. As I shoot fluffy white balls of goodness at him, he puffs out his chest and opens his mouth, trying to catch as many as he can. Suddenly, he turns away and runs the opposite direction with a mouth full of marshmallows. Then I see him. As he turns my way and we make eye contact, he mouths the words "hi" at me and I'm completely taken back at how gorgeous he is. After dating for six months it's still hard to believe he is mine.
"SAGE, HELP ME OUT WERE LOSING." Suddenly I snap out of my trance with Harry. I realize that's what he wanted; to distract me and to get me to give up, but it won't work this time. I jump on a table and start shooting at the boys. Zayn is the next to lose ammo so he takes off in the opposite direction. Coward. My sight is once again set on Harry. He looks serious, like he's really into it. I start to shoot at him but he is quick, easily maneuvering away from my flying marshmallows. I look around and see Addelyn shooting towards Louis then running out of ammo and sprinting away down the hallway, Lou only a step behind her. I glance around, looking for Liam but he is nowhere to be found. Suddenly, I get hit with more than just a marshmallow. A large, muscular body comes flying behind me, tackling me. I go toppling on a very cushioned couch as I try to fight the strong body off of me, my arms are pushed above my face and I look up to see my cheeky faced, curly haired, green eyed boy. "Hi," he mumbles as he locks on my gaze with his. I can't help but smile, beause I realize in this moment how much I truly love him. We have not spoken those words to each other yet. Even after six months of dating neither of us have said those three simple words. Maybe we're scared or just waiting for the other to say them first, but I know in my heart I do. He leans down for a kiss and his soft lips meet mine. It feels so good to kiss him again it's been so long since the last time we kissed. He pulls away and smiles.

"I love you," I blurt out, and an expression crosses his face that I can't quite read. Happiness? Pain? Embarrassment? I can't really tell. He lets go of my arms and gets up. I sit there completely dumbfounded. "Well say it back, Harry." I look at him expectantly, but he doesn't say anything. A knot starts forming in my throat.

He looks at me and says, "I can't." And with that, he walks out of the room. I hear a loud roar of laughter in the other room, but all I can do is sit here and think about the things that I possibly did and why he can't say it back. Tears fill my eyes, and before I know it, the light turns to dark.

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