Summer '09

It was a summer full of laughter. A summer full of love. A summer full of relationships. It was the Summer of '09.


7. Addelyn

Louis and I lay in bed cuddling after the passionate love making we just did. We missed each others touch, a joy that we bring each other. It's like now that we are together we can't get enough of each other. I think about what we just did and tingles run through my body. I kiss his chest. He moans a little and kisses the top of my head. Suddenly the guilt returns, I jump up straddling Lou. "Ready for round two?" I say as I go in for a kiss. Suddenly, the door slams open and I see a very angry, half naked Sage come raging in the room, followed by a very scared looking Harry behind her. I look at her and back to Harry and the realization finally hits me.

"Fuck." Sage looks at me and starts laughing. Then I look down and notice I'm stark naked on top of an also naked Louis. I roll off of him and cover myself with a blanket. I look at Sage who is just staring at me. We stay like that for awhile until She finally speaks.

"Fuck is right Addelyn. Fuck as in fuck you. You lying, cheating, sack of a bitch." I look over at Louis who looks completely confused. I suddenly become frantic.

"Sage can we not do this here?" I beg. Honestly, I don't want Lou to find out like this. "I'm naked, Sage." She looks at me and scoffs. Is it okay to say in this situation that she looks more angry when in a bikini than when I've seen her in regular clothes. I'm frightened to say the least.

"Ha! You wanna talk later? You are naked? Oh please Addelyn! We've all seen you naked!" I look at Lou then at Sage and then to Harry. Shit. She knows. "Why don't you tell Louis that you slept with Harry. THREE TIMES. Go ahead tell him!!" Before I can say anything I feel pain shoot through my right cheek as my head turns the other way. I grab my cheek as I see Sage glaring at me.

"I'm so so..." She cuts me off.

"Save it." she says, and exits the room; Harry giving me one last glance before rushing after her. I look at Louis and he is staring me sadly. I start to open mouth for an apology of some sort but he beats me to words. "Is... Is that true Addelyn?" He looks at me with those big blue eyes and raises his eyebrows. My head falls in shame as I mumble the words "yes". I feel Louis rise from the bed and start putting his clothes back on.

"It was a mistake!" I shout as tears start bursting out. He looks me dead in the eyes and puts up his hand.

"Save it." And he walks out the door leaving me to my own self pity.

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