Summer '09

It was a summer full of laughter. A summer full of love. A summer full of relationships. It was the Summer of '09.


3. Addelyn

As I run down the hallway with Louis chasing after me, I realize I am the happiest girl alive. I have the best guy ever who loves and cares for me. Nothing could go wrong. Well... I take that back. I suppose if Lou found out what happened, then things could go wrong. Once is a mistake, but three times is on purpose. Surely he won’t tell.. Will he? My pace slows as guilt hits me like a rock. I feel so bad for what I did, but it happened so long ago. Shouldn’t I be use to the feeling? As the thoughts play in my head, Lou catches up to me and wraps his arms around my body kissing my neck. I moan slightly at his touch. He fumbles for the door handle behind us, dragging me into the bedroom.

"I've missed you," he whispers in my ear kissing it lightly. And just like that, all the guilt washes away like nothing ever happened.

"I've missed you too," I say breathlessly. We find our way to the bed and our kissing and touching becomes more urgent. I've waited so long for this. The month we’ve spent apart wasn’t exactly fun, but we're together now, wrapped in each others arms. So, why does this feel so wrong?

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